• I interviewed the Casamento gals a few years ago at their studio and aside from their obvious passion for craft and design i was so interested in their commitment to old-school skills. They introduced me to their upholsterer, a man with decades of experience in doing things the right way (did you know upholsterers traditionally apprentice for years and years?!)

    – this insight into the integrity behind their products has stuck with me over the years as i’ve seen their brand grow and it has only strenghtened my resolve to one day order a bespoke piece of beauteousness for myself…which is why the good news at the bottom of this post is temptation indeed!


    i love the Miami feel of this sofa


    know exactly where i would put this in our new house


    Am coveting this number


    and am thrilled with this news!!

    happy friday peeps!

    PS. A huge huge enormous gigantic thank you for all the fantastic votes for the SA Blog Awards. I’m blown away to see iwantthat has featured (i guess nagging works 😉 ) in two categories and am holding thumbs that i still feature by the end of today when the voting nomination phase closes..thank you thank you!!

  • 2 Comments to “Casamento’s Cool”

    1. Rosemary on

      That green and white couch has my name all over it!

    2. Li on

      Casamento are the shezaam! Every piece a work of art

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