• Loverboy The Captain (not sure how that’s going to roll off the tongue henceforth) is the main man in my life…but i also have a really soft spot for another guy…Thomas Paul. Yip, Thomas Paul is hot! So hot…he may well be my hero of the day (such a thing as a tableware hero?) and although he designs a gazillion other things for the home it’s his plates that are making me really hot under the collar.

    Blue plates = dinner plates; white plates = side plates
    Blue plates = dinner plates; white plates = side plates

    OK, so back to Loverboy The Captain who happens to be a really good sailor and if he could would be surgically attached to a boat…i would dearly love to buy these in honour of his affinity to the sea. They’re from the Thomas Paul Scrimshaw range which uses the traditional imagery carved by sailors onto whalebones and places it on plates that i want, want, want…i mean that i’m sure Loverboy The Captain would love, love, love in our new home…


    And maybe he’d love a platter too…sure he would, what’s not to love?!

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    1. Kathy on

      Oh Thomas! Will thou (and all thou plates) be mine?

    2. Suzie on

      D’ya think he’d mind being called the “The Love Captain”?

    3. Suzie on

      … Oh and the plates are flippin’ awesome!

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