• I’m loving the way these candles made by local artist and renegade Bartel van Vuuren have a slight fierceness to them. They’re solid wax moulds and so have a loooong burning time plus they’re a great decorative addition to any space that needs some oomph.

    I’m in the mood for adding some Napoleonism to my home…


    but i quite like the bunnies too – their Gothic looks are great.


    think the skulls might give me the heebies but think how fabulous they’d look at night on your dinner table?

    Prices start at around the R175 mark and you can buy them at Mythology in Kalk Bay and Constantia (read my post about them here) or the always inspiring Imagenius where clever Jacqui Hunter does her thing…

    I’ll be offline for a day or two as by the time you read this we will have moved into our new home which is still something of a chaotic space with people frantically finishing off their work. While i wait for Telkom to install me, don’t forget to enter the amazing Skinny Laminx giveaway and if you want my posts delivered to your desktop as soon as i’m back, click on the subscribe button and Bob’s your Aunty.

  • 7 Comments to “Burn Baby Burn”

    1. Suz on

      These are great! Bart should do a collaboration with vladimirtretchikoff.com… imagine a candle of the blue Chinese Lady and other characters. Good luck with the move darlink!!!

    2. Donna Christie-Gibbon on

      LOVE these! Good luck with the move lady!

    3. Li on

      Are the Napoleon ones very small?

    4. Elli Davis on

      The Napoleon ones are awesome! How big are they? I would seriously buy some, they would fit in my home very well. I don’t know of what style your new home will be, but I probably doesn’t matter that much, they would probably look alright anywhere! Oh, and good luck with the move, of course.

    5. Juliet Hutton-Squire, editor Adorn London on

      Love these – i want the busts 😉

    6. Michelle Petrie-Burton on

      Love the skull too – wonder who’se he used for the mould! lol

    7. dylan on

      went to buy a rabbit this morning.. great find .. thanks!!

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