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    I remember reading a couple of articles about British designer Matt Pugh late last year when the London Design Festival was in full swing and made a mental bookmark to check out his website. His signature piece, Owl, gave me an especially virulent dose of the I-Want-That-nesses when I first saw it, what with its perfectly simple form that has been made from either walnut or oak wood (sustainably sourced, of course) and funky accents of colour. Even more charming is the Bird collection, crafted using traditional materials such as walnut or English sycamore, with the same fun, contemporary pops of colour. There’s definitely something timeless about them. I keep thinking of the Mid-century Modern designers who not only turned their hands to furniture, but also home accessories: Hans Bolling’s ducks, Danish designer Kay Bojesen’s icon teak monkeys and birds, and the Eames’ well known House Bird figurine all come to mind.




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    Anyway, Matt is very clever and makes lots of things that I wold love: the dog lamp (there’s also a duck version) is playful but also seriously chic, as is the very clever A-bench that takes the traditional construction techniques of a rustic farmhouse seat and brings it bang up to date for 21st Century living, allowing it to be slotted together with nothing more than wooden pegs. My aunt is heading out from England soon – I may have to convince her to pop a bird or two into her suitcase for me. How about you. Do you like?


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     Matt Pugh

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    1. Jenny on

      That dog lamp is adorable!

    2. Nicci Giles on

      Love them!

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