• Yes, i have an inordinate capacity for loving, wanting, needing things that well…collect dust. The Captain has been known to shake his head resignedly when i leap through the front door with my latest find of cheap-as-chips ribbon, washi tapes (check my post here) and stuff. Just last week i found some fab first day covers at a junk shop in Fish Hoek (must blog about those, they were so pretty) and i can see his eyes widen as his vision of a clean and uncluttered new home is torn to shreds. i think he might cry when he sees these fella’s and hears i have plans to offer the nativity guys a home for the holidays…so excited, they’re from UK boutique design store Mibo and they ship to South Africa…fantastico!


    Haha, i love how the black owl looks a little hungover! i’m a bit daunted that you have to cut them and stick them to make them as i am not the most crafty gal out there but let’s see what i can do


    Aren’t they adorable?

  • 4 Comments to “Animal Crackers”

    1. DINKI DILKS on

      Different but gr8t

    2. Bridget Richardson on

      fantastic find, i love these a lot.

    3. Jan Vogelpoel on

      oh wow! sooo in loooove with these guys,
      Vicky, if you order please add in for me!!
      gotta have the christmas collection

    4. traci on

      which shop in Fish Hoek Vicks?

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