• I love serendipity. A few weeks ago a reader and old friend left a comment on my FB page that i really should check out Amy Butler – so off i toddled to her site and ended up completely cross eyed and in awe of her happy-making products and fabrics.

    And then the weirdest thing happened – i was going through an old file filled with all the references i had when working on the initial design of this here blog and i pulled out a page from a favourite notebook i’ve had for years which had the grid lines i really wanted on iwantthat and would you believe… the page was from an Amy Butler notebook i bought and couldn’t write in because it was too pretty!) I love it when those kind of things happen!

    Any hoodlum back to Amy …she really is one prolific designer…here are some her incredibly delicious products


    I mean really…come ON, aren’t these wallpapers ridiculously amazing!


    And the rugs?!! Just ridiculous


    And of course…something for the stationery sl*ts!

    Pssst...i bought the middle notebook when i was last at Marigold – they have some Amy Butler stock. And if you’re handy, the Amy Butler site has cheap as chips patterns for sale too.

    PS. Thanks Tracy for the Amy heads up!

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  • 8 Comments to “Amy Butler is the best”

    1. Li on

      sigh, those carpets make me want to be grown up and small at the same time. so gorgeous. As for the notebooks, deelushus.

    2. Li on

      I mean grown up enough to own one and small enough to lie on it all day stroking it.

    3. Lisa on

      Too gorgeous – and must get to Marigold – how did I not know about this spot!!??

    4. Rosemary on

      I love those patterns, the wallpaper especially. They make me smile, would love it in my home too.

    5. Brenda Wardall on

      How absolutely BEEEEEEAUTIFUL.

    6. lou on

      i LOVE amy. she’s so freakin’ talented. could buy my ass off. those wallpapers… sigh… too beautiful for words.

      lady, i just wrote. you rock and hope you’ll win this!! 🙂

    7. Lena on

      If you’re ever in Jo’burg, Arthur Bales haberdashery in 4th Ave, Linden stocks Amy Butler fabric. Give them a ring on 011 888 2401!

    8. iwantthat on

      Yikes, that’s GREAT info! Thanks Lena! V x

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