• I mentioned yesterday that i’ve got a thing about Paris and with little stores like these tucked away who could be surprised? I discovered Le Petite Atelier, a haven of pared down kitchen classics on Renée Rossouw’s blog Like Idea. She’s a South African architecture graduate studying in Europe and her eye for arresting, visual images and objects is really interesting. Thanks Renée for feeding my ceramics fetish.


    These bowls are killing me with their perfect shape and general perfectness and lets not even go there with the latte cup and tray with the little spoon slot


    i’ve seen versions of the cube in mainstream stores and thought ‘naff chip and dip tray…but this is just begging for lovely crisp celery fingers and radishes and a pile of smoked salt to dip into and ok…some chips might be nice


    these little mugs are perfect for espresso – served with a perfectly boiled egg and soldiers on a perfectly hewn little tray…sigh…it’s the details that make the difference and these details are in my mind, too too lovely.

    Visit the Le Petite Atelier here

  • 4 Comments to “A Stylish Parisian Store”

    1. renee rossouw on

      hehe…thnx Vicki! just caught this link on your t-feed 🙂

    2. lou on

      those designs are causing goose bumps. it’s just too good to be true. i love every single piece. those bowls… wow

    3. kathy on

      some soya sauce and sushi would be lovely on the egg cup/board ones too:)

    4. Fiona Macpherson on

      Whilst doing research for my upcoming trip to Paris, I knew I had seen some Paris tidbits on your blog. I had actually planned on visiting Le Petit Atelier, so thanks for confirming (from you, an in-the-know stylista) that I definately should!

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