• It’s my birthday in just a few days peeps and with birthdays and gifts (there are a LOT of birthdays at this time of year), i’ve got wrapping on the brain. This wrapping paper is so fabulous and so easy to achieve. I found it on this great blog and although it was made for them by a company that specialises in you uploading your prints and them printing wrapping paper for you, it’s totally doable at home (or *ahem* using the office printer) too. Wouldn’t it be fab to take all those trillions of baby or cat or food pix you take on Instagram and turn them into your own custom made paper?







    Have a lovely Tuesday

    PS. Soon we’ll have winners for the Love Milo, Typo, Skinny la Minx and My Wall Tattoos giveaways – keep an eye on the FB page for announcements.

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