• Hello lovelies! Our girls are going back to school tomorrow and i am sure you will hear me shrieking for joy at 8.30am tomorrow morning! Not that i don’t love my savages, you know i do, but guys, these holidays have been really really long and frankly the pix of people sunning themselves in Greece, Spain, Lisbon and Italy have been killing me! You see, we had a holiday planned (to Morgan Bay in the Eastern Cape) but because i was so sick and because of the move and missing work and and…we decided we needed to just regroup and slow things down and so we cancelled our trip. I’ve had serious FOMO watching our friends (five families in total) jet off to East London and scoot to Morgan Bay for a week of family time but we are already planning our next family focused mini breaks for the year and maybe even a cheeky week just The Captain and I. With that in mind, i’ve also compiled a list of SIX REASONS WHY TRAVEL IS GOOD FOR YOU as a reminder when things are looking bleak that planning a holiday may be just the tonic you need, so here they are:

    The Captain and i with Chloe and Sarah in Mauritius in 2014



    I’m not sure about you but i really am battling with how quickly time is marching by this year and with work and our reno chewing up our time and energy, we all seem to be ships in the night. I am especially aware of how our kids are craving time with us and how brilliantly spending some focused together time really can reset things for the whole family. It doesn’t matter whether you are in Paris or Parys, being away from the humdrum of home is so valuable in really connecting. Also, lets not discount how priceless it is to plan a trip with friends every few years – a trip to Turkey last year with a group of girls was one of the best i’ve ever been on!


    In the bus with some girl friends en route to a market in Oren, Turkey, 2018- what a fabulous holiday!



    Ok, so i love a museum but truthfully i LOVE the museum shop more! That said, soaking up the culture of a city, is an essential part of the experience and i love the idea of simply wandering the streets and enjoying local cafes and eateries as much as visiting the must do’s and tourist hotspot (ok, i love it more). My advice for a travel experience that works for everyone – choose a maximum of ONE touristy must-do in a day and if you do more that’s great. Rushing to make the tours to a bunch of different signature spots can really take the joy out of things. Also, i always recommend a half day city tour for any new city on the first or second day of arriving so you can get your bearings and a glimpse of the must see tourist spots before you actually hit them properly.

    I’ll never tire of trawling a local market



    I was a food critic for many years but some of my best foodie experiences have definitely been on street corners in the likes of Thailand and Mexico. Yes, seeking out a Michelin star restaurant in New York is exciting but nowadays i’m a definite local-is-lekker kinda traveller. Bunny Chow in Durban has to be done as much as a Simit in Istanbul or Fritto Misto in Italy. Travelling with teens? Say yes to the Burger King on condition they expand their horizons and try some of the local delicacies too.




    I’m not going to lie, for me, this is both the best and worst part of being on holiday. Firstly, being able to check flight deets and stay tuned to my Instagram makes me feel connected and at ease, BUT i know the value that switching off and tuning out can be. So, i try to only access my phone in the morning or evening AND i take my mails off my phone – that really helps in not being sucked into work stuff.


    I’ve written about my belief that the sea is so good for me – and i really believe it’s good for the whole family to just bob along on a boat or in the water and tap into the joy of doing nothing. We are big boating holiday people and i definitely feel a sailing trip is on the horizon for us soon. There is nothing quite like going to sleep listening to the water lapping at the side of the boat to really help you chill!


    I’ve done a fair amount of solo and group and couple travelling and i love the thrill of being on the move and letting the adventure unfold BUT i also love the feeling of coming home to my creature comforts. I guess knowing that the best thing about heading home and the easiest way to get over the post holiday blues is to book another holiday! So rather than be bleak the holiday’s over, i like to think that the slate is clean for us to book another break somewhere local or somewhere fabulous and foreign!

    This post was done in collaboration with Travelstart

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      So true! Always wonderful to have something to look forward to!

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