• Hello lovelies! Not sure if you’re like me, but when you do your Christmas shopping, do you invariably end up wanting everything in sight?!! Every year i swear i will rein it in and every year i am cursed with the want disease! But sadly that has a disastrous effect on my bank balance!

    Given my currently ailing bank balance (and a very real need for summer sandals and a want for some soothing face products) when i was asked if i’d like to trial PayJustNow, i was intrigued! I had already seen the PayJustNow icon on the Sweetpeas site when i was browsing the other day, so i was already aware of their existence, i just didn’t know just how convenient they are making online shopping, plus i had no idea about other retailers who were on the PayJustNow train!

    The premise behind PayJustNow is the opposite of a laybuy – you get three months INTEREST FREE to pay for your purchase plus you get the items upfront and pay for them in three instalments. One that comes off at the time of purchase and the following 2 in the next 2 months, that’s it!

    Here’s how it works step-by-step: 

    • Once you’ve registered they’ll give you an initial spending limit – mine was R2500

    • For your first purchase, you have to pay for the entire purchase at one store only upfront OR you can wait for that first purchase to be paid off (early Feb for those shopping now), That way you are recognised as a user who is good for the 3 month paying off period.

    • Thereafter you are good to go at multiple stores and you will only be charged 1/3 of your total price at purchase, and you’ll have 2 payments taken off your account in the next two months (the 1st of each month)

    • Once its established you’re a timeous payer, then your purchasing limit will be increased. Boom!

    They have some really cool retailers loaded onto their shopping mall already – Desray Clothing is one, Sweetpeas is another, Hey Gorgeous, Breazies (really cool board shorts brand) and Malawi Cane who have just launched the most beautiful brass trimmed Malawi chairs and couches. It’s a good idea to keep an eye on their Insta feed as i see there are new retailers being loaded daily – and if you’re browsing a local site and see the PayJustNow icon, then you know you can get an item you like and split your payment over three months – bonus!

    As someone who is always scouring the net looking for cool products that i can’t necessarily afford but which make say ‘I Want That Now’, PayJustNow is a great way to get what i want without blowing my monthly budget.





    Now since i’m a first time user, i chose to pay my first initial purchase off in full so that i can do some Christmas shopping over the weekend.

    So, to get the ball rolling, i bought the Hello Gorgeous Aloe, Green Tea & Honey mask which i have wanted to try for ages and their Apricot & Walnut Face Scrub since i was told the other day i should be using a scrub twice a week and i definitely haven’t been doing that! I also bought the Argan & Avo Replenishing Serum as a Xmas Gift.

    Next on my list is a pair of Sweetpeas Cali’s. I’ve had a pair of Sweetpeas sandals on my wishlist for months and months – i even stopped a mum at school the other day and asked if i could try hers on! They cost R699, so divided over 3 months, thats R233 a month! I made the end of year cutoff for orders thank goodness so when they arrive i’ll show them off on my Insta!

    If you’re an online retailer, PayJustNow is also a great way to grow your database of customers and keep the cash flow in your business consistent. I can think of quite a few retailers i would head to for bigger ticket items i have my eye on but which i can’t necessarily afford off the bat.

    So there you have it – if you also have the ‘I Want That’ disease like me – PayJustNow is a great solution for savvy shopping, and i definitely recommend it.

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