• Hello lovelies. When I was asked by the folks at Cadbury Dairy Milk to talk about what finding my own #IrrepressibleJoy means to me, I must admit I was a little stumped. Lately things have felt so busy and so time pressured, thinking about makes me joyful is not exactly on the agenda. So i made a concerted effort last weekend to spend an hour mulling things over. Because sometimes slowing down to remember what it is that makes you tick and where you find your bliss, means you’re halfway to getting there. So, that’s what I did.

    There are many things that embody irrepressible joy for me and I’m going to spend a little time mapping them out. Maybe something will resonate with you too and help you reconnect with finding your joy?


    Irrepressible Joy Factor 1: Nature

    Now before you think I’m going all ‘tie dye’ and ‘pan pipes’ on you – I’m going to be honest. I am NOT a tree hugging, mountain hiking nature lover although I do wish I was more of a hiker. BUT I do know that getting out into the green and under a canopy of chlorophyll-rich trees feels good. And that walking on the beach feels good too. Over the past two weekends we’ve spent time in Stanford and walking in Tokai forest. Both of them are places that his past weekend was spent in Stanford, a place that I absolutely love. The only thing on my agenda, aside from spending time with The Captain and our girls, was to walk. And walk I did. It reminded me how much I love just getting from A to B without any reason but to go. Also, if you live in Cape Town- Kirstenbosch is a place of sheer bliss! I really enjoy walking on the Constantia Green Belt but I haven’t for ages and I’m missing it.

    So that’s one of my April resolutions – find nature more.


    Irrepressible Joy Factor 2: Quiet Time

    Do any of you who, were really outgoing when you were younger, find themselves becoming more and more introverted? I’ve always known I enjoy my own company (one of the side effects of being a laat lammetjie) but over the past few years I am enjoying being in a quiet space more and more. I assume it’s an antidote to life in general and to be honest when it happens, the quiet feels like bliss, the calmest kind of peace and joy there is. And when you have a toddler and a baby, yes, hiding in a cupboard can sometimes be the perfect place to find that joy. Where I am in my life currently, I suffer from the opposite of FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) – I relish in JOMO – the Joy of Missing Out.

    Maybe I need to combine my quiet time with my nature time. Hmm…there’s a thought.

    Irrepressible Joy Factor 3: One on One Friend Time

    People, when did life get so fast?!! It’s freaking me out! I love Facebook but it’s scary that I’m pretty much maintaining friendships thanks to Facebook. Shouldn’t life also be about maintaining relationships the old-fashioned way? Face to Face?

    One on One time, especially with a friend who ‘Gets’ you isn’t just valuable, it’s priceless. So, this month I’m reminding myself that joy is in feeling understood and cared for by my close friends. And that one on one time is essential to creating that sense of trust and time for one another. I’ve made a booking for supper next week with one of my besties and next on the list is a girls lunch once we’re in our new house followed by some Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate for dessert. I’ve also set some wheels in motion for a girls’ holiday in September. CANNOT wait!


    Irrepressible Joy Factor 4: Sleep, sweet sweet sleep

    Ok, so the cliched question for every parent of young children is ‘are you/they sleeping?’ Well there is no easy way around this, for me anyway, the answer is a resounding…NO!! I wrote an article last year on sleep as being one of the most valuable ‘commodities’ we can aspire to and during my research it became clear that it’s a major talking point globally.

    It used to be that captains of industry used the fact that they operated on just a few hours sleep a night as a badge of honour – that’s all changing. Arianna Huffington’s book “The Sleep Revolution” is a real eye opener and I highly recommend it. She had a major breakdown a few years ago and one of the major contributing factors, she says, was a lack of sleep. If any of you are insomniacs or have young babies you’ll agree that a lack of sleep can drive you crazy. My issue is that I am glued to my freaking phone, people, and sleep is a huge point of Bliss for me. Sleep at night and especially sleep on the weekends.

    So, tonight I am going to bed at 9.30 and this weekend it’s happening! I’m having a nap with our girls when they sleep. It’s going to happen!!


    Irrepressible Joy Factor 5: Cooking & Entertaining

    We have a supper club with a group of friends and for the past 10 years we’ve gotten together every couple of months for a slap-up meal or lunch at someone’s home. Over the years, we’ve gone ‘on tour’ to the wine lands and as our families have grown so we’ve morphed our supper club into a bit of a lunch club. We had our turn to host a few weekends ago and I started cooking on Saturday, with help of my wonderful stepdaughter Sarah.

    The Captain played with the kids and we spent most of Saturday afternoon and evening prepping and then I got up on Sunday to finish things off. While The Captain cooked the sirloin and sliced it to serve for main course, Sarah and I set the table and put the finishing touches on the Tiramisu she made. Later that afternoon we sat down for lunch with our friends and the feeling that we had made a delicious meal from scratch (including homemade focaccia bread) and the enjoyment of sharing it with our friends – it was a quiet and calm feeling of happiness and feeling that all was right with the world.

    With our impending move and settling in and snagging to be done in our new house likely to be keeping us busy for the next few months, I doubt major entertaining is on the cards for us, but I really am looking forward to rediscovering the joy I have always taken from prepping for and executing a lovely meal.Its a joy to aspire to.

    So, there you have it, probably the most introspective exercise I’ve done in a long time and a very valuable one at that. By doing this I’ve realized that some basic things are really missing from my life. Sometimes it’s the simple pleasures and activities that bring you irrepressable joy and by actually pinpointing some of the cornerstones of what makes me feel happy, I think it can only be good for both me and our family.

    Some of the other Irrepressible Joy factors in my life:

    • Lying on our bed on a sunny afternoon reading a magazine or a good book
    • Swimming in the sea
    • Eating (and not sharing) an entire chocolate bar
    • Spontaneous giving without expecting anything in return
    • Choosing a special gift for someone
    • Fresh cut flowers
    • Beautiful soap
    • Cold butter on warm banana bread
    • Road trips and the conversations that happen
    • Stationery
    • To Do lists and planning them


    I’d love to hear about what brings you Irrepressible Joy? Is it big things or little things or both?

    Want to know more about the Cadbury mission to find Irrepressible Joy? Have a look and see what the Martians experienced when they discovered Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate on Mars.




    I’d love to hear about what brings you Irrepressible Joy? Is it big things or little things or both?




  • 7 Comments to “What’s Your Irrepressible Joy?”

    1. Soozi Morris on

      MUSIC ! ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Bruce Springsteen !!!!!!!! to see him live for the 5th time !!!!!!!!

    2. iwantthat on

      Soozie, you HAVE to tell me where he is next playing? I would do anything to get tickets for The Captain and I to see him.

    3. Bevin le Roux on

      hugs from my kids, Music & dancing, running in the mountains with my dogs, wine & chocolate xoxo

    4. Sharleen on

      Has to be watching my daughter in her role as a mommy gives me immense Joy

    5. iwantthat on

      @Bevin – i concure on the kid hugs and i would LOVE to get back into running on mountains again – one day!
      @Sharleen – that is such a lovely notion – something to look forward to 😉

    6. Farren on

      Salt & Vinegar. Snuggling my face into my cat when he’s been sleeping and he’s all warm and groggy. Coconut scented anything!! Notification sound of paying clients. 🙂

    7. Janet W Perry on

      A thunderstorm brings me irrepressible joy….. when my children love one another and put down the ‘boxing gloves’ for a change…. when I get lost in my piano playing then float back to earth, irrepressible joy… my face in my kittens tummy yup, irrepressible joy, my husband opening the garage door for me when he hears my car coming down the street….Seeing dolphins dancing past in the ocean on a visit to the sea…. this brings irrepressible joy!!! So many things!!!

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