• Hi lovelies! As i’ve shared before, i am absolutely crazy about spaces that function well due to adequate and well thought out storage. And that certainly applies to my feelings about kitchens. I’m all about the open shelves above kitchen counters, teamed with deep drawers and definitely a pantry cupboard with space for everything. So today’s post is all about what trends are happening in kitchen cabinets and drawers and how to achieve them. I asked the folks at Eclipse for some pointers and added some of my own thoughts too.



    When we renovated our home six years ago, handleless, soft close drawers were just hitting the market. Now, any contemporary kitchen worth its salt is all about having no handles, using soft close systems and making use of one touch technology to open doors. If you look at images like these, it’s easy to see why its such a loved look. Nothing says sleek like a space with seamless cabinetry.

    blum_lbx0136_4 Blum Legrabox


    I could go on for days about how a sorted kitchen is a happy kitchen. I love discovering new efficiencies for kitchens and mentally planning my own perfect space. The Blum Legrabox drawer systems at Eclipse are my absolute ultimate. You can customise your specific drawer needs by choosing various components, from all in the name of creating orderliness. I love!



    When we renovated our kitchen cabinet man told me that I could only have drawers a certain width because of load bearing issues. So we went with the widest option available but to be honest I would have preferred them at least another 10-15cm wide. Now, it’s possible to go nice and wide on your kitchen drawers because of the improvement in runner quality and strength. Eclipse has a range of runners that range from those that can bear up to 25kg and those that can bear up to 60kg.  Also, large scale kitchen cabinets with minimal gaps between the doors are big news. This seamless look creates the illusion of more space and minimal clutter in a kitchen.

    blum_box1737_3-upres The Blum Tandembox Antaro


    If organisation is up your alley, then I’m sure you love the thought of having matching containers for all your kitchen essentials. And keeping them off counters as much as possible is essential to creating a space that feels calm and uncluttered – and for that – deep drawers are your friends. Also, try to streamline your kitchen by sorting cupboards and drawers according to tasks. So, storing all your baking ingredients and paraphernalia together or all the braai gear in a specific drawer makes sense for easy access and efficiency.


    screen-shot-2016-11-14-at-6-22-47-pm How amazing are these dividers and organising accessories from Ninka?

    From my side, I can’t recommend Eclipse enough as a one-stop shop for kitchen drawers and cabinets components that will help you create a super sorted and slick kitchen. They carry a range of world class drawer and cabinet accessories and hardware brands like Blum, Ninka and Volpato and all it takes is a visit to their showroom (or a squizz online) to choose the essentials for building your dream kitchen. How i worked when I redid our pantry is that i described what i wanted to our kitchen cupboard guy and then he told me what i needed to go and ask for at Eclipse (mainly dimensions and the number of drawers etc). I also double checked everything online and drew up my wishlist. Once i’d done that, the components of our Space Tower system were delivered and our kitchen guy put it all together. It’s  one of my absolute favourite parts of our kitchen and I’m so glad we went through the process because now I know how easy it is to create your dream kitchen. If you’re considering a kitchen renovation or build, you might want to bookmark the Blum Zone Planner which helps you to figure out what you need to make your home’s hub work.

    So there you have it lovelies, the essentials from Eclipse on how to create the coolest 21st century kitchen!


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