• Hi lovelies! I’m so excited to be sharing our renovation hopes, plans and wins with you! We’ve got just over a month before we move in and we’re working at the speed of light to get it all ready by the time we move. Some of the bathroom tiling started on Thursday and our floors are being laid next week, other than that we’re starting to play with our very blank canvas. but before i show you any details i thought i would show you what we’ve had to deal with – where we were and where we are right now.

    Houseoriginal Top row: The exterior from the garden, the outdoor patio, the main lounge

    MIddle: The kitchen and scullery from both sides

    Bottom: Main bedroom with dressing room, main bedroom bathroom, one of the other bedrooms

    Clock the orange kitchen…wow, just wow!


    Ok to begin…this home is like so many spaces i knew when i was growing up – a facebrick exterior and an interior with higgledy piggledy rooms galore and so many different flooring and wall finishes my eyes hurt the first time we saw it. But, both The Captain and I could see the potential – a house all on one level (we currently live with over 50 stairs) that didn’t need much of a structural change, a lovely flat garden and the glorious green belt which will be the children’s playground as they grow and a place for the teens to wander and chill under the trees with their friends. Also there is space for our amazing housekeeper Pummie to live with us during the week. This house is in no way bigger than our current home, what we love about it is what it has to offer from a lifestyle perspective and while we’re really going to miss our sea view, i’m excited to be surrounded by green in this new space.

    Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 8.49.00 PM


    Above are the plans showing the layout of the new house. The major change is well…everything. We’ve gutted the place taken out every fixture and fitting and started again from scratch. From a structural perspective, you can see the bedrooms are all on the left hand side of the house and the living areas on the right hand side. In the living area, we’ve broken out all the interior walls in the kitchen and living area, we’ve created an office pod adjacent to the kitchen and we’ve turned the double garage into a playroom for both the younger and the older kids. We have a playroom in our current house but because invariably children want to be where you are, they never use it. We kncoked together a funny, skinny bathroom and a teeny bedroom where you couldn’t swing a cat to create a bedroom for Charley and Ava and we’ve removed the separate bathroom and loo in our bedroom and knocked it all together so the bathroom is part of it.

    My next status report will reveal the look and feel i’m going for in the new house. And i promise to sort out the video quality!!

  • 7 Comments to “Welcome to #iwantthatreno”

    1. Karen on

      How exciting V. You’re very brave and very clever. Can’t wait to see the changes.

      PS Filming tip – hold your camera (phone) on its side when you film so that it fills the screen. 😉

    2. Bevin le Roux on

      Its going to be amazing!!

    3. RedCat on

      How super exciting! Love your idea of the industrial doors onto the office pod!

    4. Mandy on

      Fabulous Vix. Can’t wait to watch the progress. Cute video 🙂

    5. Sharleen on

      excited to see the changes you are making
      i know it will be stunning

    6. Yvonne on

      How exciting! I have always wanted a laundry cupboard myself 🙂 It already looks amazing…Looking forward to the next video!

    7. Paula on

      This looks awesome Vix!! Can’t wait to see more!!

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