• Have you been to the Vintage Toy Museum? I love going there and luckily The Captain’s girls are still young enough to really enjoy it too (no eye rolling from the peanut gallery yet!). We popped there a few Saturday mornings ago and we fell in love with it all over again – it’s all they spoke about on the way back home (the museum is in Simonstown).


    There are cabinets upon cabinets of dollies, some painstakingly built doll’s houses which are absolutely beautiful in their detail, Dinky toy cars coming our of your ears, circus sets to swoon over, toy soldier sets and a full blown train that goes round and round and never fails to impress the kids who squish their noses up against the glass to spot the train as it whooshes by.


    oh, and wait…it costs…R5 to get in. For the delight factor, it really is priceless and i mourn the day the girls no longer think it’s cool – though not sure they ever will, i still love going there and apparently i’m oooold (in fact one of them asked if they could have my Skermunkel necklace ‘when i die’ – nice!) Also, if there’s someone in your life who is a collector – they have miniature car collectables for sale.

    I’ve heard there’s also a vintage toy museum in Muizenberg…does anyone know where to find it?

    The Warrior Toy Museum, St George’s Street, Simons Town 021-786-1395

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    1. Li on

      I love that place. The vintage cars (that are actually new but look old) that you can buy are the bomb. Pity my lot only like modern Ferrari’s…

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