• Best Cheesecake Recipe Ever
    Best Cheesecake Recipe Ever

    It was my special friend Nikki’s (whose clever husband customised this site) birthday last week and her special friend Gordon did the food for her birthday gathering. Among the absoloodly mouthwatering offerings that Gordon produced was this superb baked cheesecake…moist, with a slight wobble, lots of vanilla specks and the perfect sweetness to balance the tart raspberries…let me tell you it was AMAZING and I practically ate my body weight in it (OK, not quite but youkknowwhaddimean!)

    So…a couple of days later I met Gordon for a coffee and he gave me the recipe. Just like that. Love his work.

    Best Cheesecake Recipe Ever


    1 L Springform tin (approx 28cm)

    6 250g full fat cream cheese tubs

    1 x 500ml cream

    6 large eggs

    2 cups castor sugar

    1 cup cake flour

    1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

    pulp of 2 vanilla pods OR 1 tbsp best quality vanilla extract

    60g melted butter

    1 1/2 pkts tennis biscuits or similar (Digestives also work well) crushed into a fine powder

    1 tub créme fraiche

    fresh seasonal fruit of your choice


    Combine crushed biscuits with melted butter, pat firmly into the bottom of your spring form tin

    In a large bowl, combine eggs, sugar, vanilla and beat with an electric beater until pale and creamy

    Add cream, cream cheese, flour and lemon juice and beat gently to combine

    Pour mixture into springform tin

    Bake for 15 minutes and 180 degrees and for a further 1hour and 15minutes at 140 degrees

    Turn off oven and allow cheesecake to cool in the oven to prevent cracking

    Once cooled spread a tub of créme fraiche on the top of the cheesecake and stud with your choice of seasonal fruit. Serve at room temperature.

    Gordon does catering with a modern Mediterranean-come-global-slant…in a  nut shell, home cooking with a contemporary, smarter edge than the cooking most of us do at home. Call him on 078 127 8592 for your next shindig.

    * The teapot on the front page of this post is available at Le Creuset stores countrywide, isn’t it delicious? Alice on the other hand looks like she’s contemplating chopping the Mad Hatter into little tiny pieces – scary lady!

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    1. Gaia on

      I love your blog! Great style… nikki’s husband has done a great job!
      I need to change mine too…

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