• So here’s the deal. Paul Smith or SPS  as I like to call him ((Sir Paul Smith is just such a mouthful) is one of my favouritest designers (I blogged about him here) and he is also the favourite of a gazillion other stripes-obsessed people. Including a fan who, over the past fifteen years, has sent him a large variety of everyday objects – from a chair to a toy car, a football, a bicycle saddle and even on a pair of rubber gloves – each given a new lease on life thanks to their new stamp suit.

    images © designboom
    images © designboom

    Who the stamp stalker is, no one knows (I like to think it could be a blue rinse granny or a retired librarian who painstakingly collected stamps from discarded envelopes and now loves nothing more than planning her next stamp attack) but one thing’s for sure (and SPS clearly agrees) – it’s these cool and quirky slices of life that make the world go round.

    If you just so happen to be in Hong Kong, you’ll be able to view some of SPS’s fascinating collection of stamped gifts from who-knows-who until 7 March at the Atrium Shopping Centre at his Stamped Objects exhibition.

    You’ll see pieces like this


    And this


    Yay for stamp stalkers who make the world a lovely interesting place filled with interesting details that make a difference!

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