• So my friend Chloe who has a similar stamp thing fetish going on and I like to send each other blogs and pictures and things that catch our eye. And often the reply to a mail bearing tidings of beautifullness will be ‘that’s just irritating’ -which is codeword for, ‘that’s so flipping full of iwantthatness that i can’t cope and i don’t want to talk to you anymore about it…so go away’.

    These stamps by talented arty muso, graphic designer guy Paul Dersidan are just plain irritating. So beautiful they are painful.


    Oh, and to be even more irritating..Paul also does loads of gorgeous graphic design work, like T shirts, stickers, album covers and these mini artworks.



    Thanks Paul, for ruining my day.

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    1. 8 Tea West on

      I’ll admit that I never really got the whole stamp thing until I stumbled upon this site a few weeks ago:


      Dear lord. Letterpress AND Philately! I know they’re not really stamps, but extremely irritating, indeed!

    2. iwantthat on

      aaarghgh..dear lord indeed, these are delicious!! Thanks Reagan! V x

    3. lou on

      wow! the feltandwireshop AND paul dersidan are freakin’ fabulous. good inspiration!

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