Guys, I’ve been in wanting to share this amazing find with you for a while! About a month ago I started a trial with a Cocomat Side Sleeper pillow and I am SO happy with the results. Cocomat is a Greek (now global) brand that has made itself known worldwide thanks to their 100% all-natural mattress and pillow designs and constructions that harness ancient traditions and craftsmanship with modern demands for natural lifestyle products. Their mattresses and pillows consist of natural, biodegradable fibers and fillers including the likes of latex rubber, down feathers, wool, seaweed, lavender and coconut fibre. 


    The pillow I’ve been using is called the SITHON IV and it’s specifically developed for people like me who like to sleep on their sides. I’ve been battling with neck pain for a few months now and I had a feeling it was from my rubbish pillows but once I moved to the Cocomat Sithon IV pillow I can confirm it’s a game changer!! I literally had relief from my constant neck ‘cricks’ that have been plaguing me within two days.

    There are 12 customisable pillow options to choose from in the Cocomat range – and each is designed to take in your unique pillow preference. You can also have the options of lavender or eucalyptus infusions to aid your sleep (I have an amazing little lavender sachet which i slip inside the pillow on those nights when i need a good sleep). I like quite a hard and sturdy pillow – especially so that my head doesn’t flop around and give me that crick – and the Sithon IV is the perfect solution for this. It has two compartments so you can move the fillings around yourself according to your preferences 

    I visited the Cocomat store in Cape Town to see what the brand is all about and it was such a wonderful experience! Beautifully dressed in light, natural wood and merchandised with bed displays that showcase the different Cocomat sleep options as well as organic linens, towels and scents designed to help create a sleep sanctuary you’ll never want to leave.

    The mattresses were developed as an antidote to the sleep products out there in the market place – the ones made of manmade fibres and laden with chemicals that seep into our bodies as we sleep. Cocomat products are also Orthosomatic – a system that works on the premise that given the right materials and construction, our bodies will naturally find the most comfortable and healthiest sleep position for itself.

    Cocomat mattresses and pillows are making their way into both homes and hotels – thanks to their collaborating with top hotels and guest apartment concepts around the world that are consciously wanting to offer their guests a more holistic experience on every level. In Cape Town they’ve collaborated with a hotel called Atholl Place in Camps Bay – the idea that there is a luxe seaside escape promising a virtually perfect night’s sleep ticks all the boxes for me! 

    If sleep is increasingly becoming a major concern and priority for you, i really recommend you pay Cocomat a visit – it’s such an inspiring space and such an eye opener as to how essential it is to sleep on quality products if what you want is quality sleep.



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    1. Lameez Williams on

      Agree , learn so much through your post .Just amazing !!

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Thank you for the info

    3. Caroline Murphy on

      Oh wow, I had no idea that there was a planet friendly option available for mattresses and pillows – I’m thrilled! Thank you for sharing! Does the pillow fit comfortably into a normal slip?

    4. Zahraa Minty on

      I just had a look at their website and I’m totally hooked, sent it on to my cuzzie in CPT to go have a look for her to set up her new apartment xx

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