• Hello lovelies, happy Friday! It’s been a short week but it’s also been a long week – squashing all that needs to be done into four days, i couldn’t be happier that it’s the weekend! We don’t have many plans for the next two days although i know a walk is on the horizon and after all the rains, i know our nearby green belt is going to be lush and beautiful. Leaning into focusing on and sharing more tips to save water feels all the more relevant at the moment because despite the fabulous rains we’ve been having, we all know that reality can change in a heartbeat – we’ve only just come out of a major drought and saving water needs to be part of our long term life plans.

    So, with that in mind, here are some more tips and tricks that can help tweak your water usage in and around your home – if you haven’t read my first post, click here 


    So the little girls are the only ones in the house who bath (back in water restrictions we were bathing them in oversized buckets) but this little madam also needs a clean every week or so and rather than run a whole new bath for her – we just pop her into the girls’ used bath water for a wash. As you can see she’s not a huge fan of our cunning plan.


    We shower outside come rain or shine and our outdoor shower is literally lined with a bunch of buckets which we use for watering our masses of indoor plants. I also use the shower as a plant hospital for the plants i’ve managed to kill. Oh, another way i’ve managed to shorten my shower time is to end my session with 20 seconds of cold only water – wow, that’s enough reason to turn off the tap but it feels amazing!


    I shared these two products on my Instagram yesterday (you’ll see i’m sharing loads of other tips there too) and so many of you responded – the one is a clothes ‘extender’, a dry wash spray which is PERFECT for jeans so you don’t have to chuck them in the wash after every wear. The other winner off-the-shelf product is Dry Shampoo – a great time saver but a water saver too.



    We all grew up with the notion that to clean a car you need to have the hose pipe providing an endless stream of water and that couldn’t be less wasteful! The average small car uses 25 litres of water to clean it while a large car uses around 40 litres – what better motivation to put buckets out to harvest water from the next rains?!


    Once you are in the habit of reusing water, it really becomes apparent how much we waste. Keep a jug by the side of the sink when you’re running water for dishes or cleaning veggies – and use it to fill ups the kettle or the dogs bowl. And if you’re a plant lover like me – collect every drop of water you can for indoor plants – i try to mostly have succulents but i DO have bamboo palms and they’re super thirsty, so knowing i’m using recycled water makes me feel so much better.


    Guys, Nedbank who have been the sponsors of this series have sponsored a giveaway for one lucky reader – you’ll need to enter over on my Instagram or Facebook – and you’ll need to download the Nedbank Water Savings Guide to enter – because the clue is in there. The guide has so many amazing tips and tricks and reminders for all of us on how to save water wisely.

    Keep an eye on my Insta and the I Want That Facebook page – it will be up later today.

  • 2 Comments to “Our Water Savings Wins with Nedbank”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Make sure that there are no taps dripping and always use grey water on plants etc. Shower instead of bathing and cut down on number of hair washes each week, eg from daily to twice a even once a week. Make sure you have a sink full of dishes then wash them (alas no dishwasher although been on my bucket list for ages). Reduce the time re washing clothes, only use full time on dirty clothes.

    2. Gina on

      Hi Vicky
      Can you send me your number. I will send you a pic of some dry shampoo/hair clean spray I have that works very well.

      I was interviewed by the lady who developed it during the drought – an American woman from Proctor and Gamble I think. She gave me a can and I was pretty impressed with the result.

      Gina – 0845556677

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