• Hi lovelies! If you follow me on Insta (where i am most active these days), you’ll have seen we’ve been in the thick of renovating for the past five months! This has proven to be one of our most challenging reno’s – my health issues haven’t helped, but living in the space while having contractors bashing down walls and painting and fixing things has not been without it’s stresses 😉 So it makes sense that i have literally holed myself up in our bedroom to escape the noise and dust!

    It was really really important to me especially, that our bedroom was a restful and comfortable haven and The Captain really wanted to make sure the bedroom zone of the house is super safe – a lock down zone at night, if you will. Which is why we knew we wanted Taylor Blinds Shutterguard (R) Aluminium Security Shutters from the get go. Our bedroom has a huge bay window which we knew would look weird with curtains (we tried for a while but you literally lose half the room) and we wanted to be able to have the view as much as possible – we knew that louvre shutters would allow us to let in the view while still maintaining privacy (while half open) and then of course we can slide the shutters right out of the way so we make the most of that picture window.

    OK, so here is the before of the bedroom window situation…

    We knew we had a great window to work with and it was important that we were able to access the view as much as possible

    This is how we lived for 3 months while we worked on other elements of the house – it was NOT cool!

    And here is what we ended up with thank to Taylor Blinds…



    Can you see how the shutters fit perfectly into the recess if the bay window? The measurement team from Taylor came round two weeks before they installed to tackle this particular window. I didn’t want a sliding rail on the floor so they came up with an overhead sliding system which really works. This is very much part of their service – each window or door project is treated as a separate entity.

    This is what they look like on any given day when we’re lounging in bed – a half open situation where we can let in the view and light but still have some privacy (the bottom and the top halves of the shutters louvre independently)

    This is how we slide them out of the way to let the picture window take centre stage again. All we need to do is then fold them against the side panel windows. I am so happy that we opted for these Shutterguard shutters. They lock shut completely at night which meant we didn’t have to go for a sliding security gate (my worst).

    We also installed shutters into the bay window in Charley and Ava’s room – i love that result too. I’ll share in an upcoming post. As always – keep an eye on my Insta for other renovation updates – it’s all stored in my #iwantthatreno showreels

    This is my second project undertaken with Taylor Blinds & Shutters and i cannot recommend them enough! Their team will go to the ends of the earth to make sure you end up with a product you’re happy with – be it blinds or shutters. The Captain is an engineer so you can imagine how pedantic he is about things working perfectly and Marius and his team from Taylor Blinds workshopped our specific requests so well – we’re thrilled!

    This was a sponsored post.


  • 4 Comments to “Our Bedroom Update with Taylor Blinds & Shutters”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Fantabulous! Well done! Shutters have been on my bucket list for years – hope Lotto plays its part to make it happen!

    2. SHANNON on

      They look quite spectacular Vicki. I am keen to do it in my sitting room but will have to ply Charles with a bottle of good red wine first and then woo him.

    3. Ingrid Fortuin on

      I’m moving in so please move OVER!

    4. Pierre on

      Your shutters are so beautiful wow! #HomeGoals

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