• I love Omar Victor Diop’s juicy photographs. They’re so redolent with saturated colour and pattern on pattern. He is a Dakar based photographer who has a large body of work – from commercial work to fine art installations and this series of portraits from an exhibition called Studio of the Vanities where he sets out to portray the new African generation and the current African urban universe. I love! Check out his website and other work here.








    He’ll be speaking at this year’s Design Indaba!

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    1. Rose McClement on

      Hi there
      Wow – this is very brave, very unique and different to what is found out there. The images seem to demand that you venture a second look.

    2. Vicki on

      I’m so inspired by these Rose – i would LOVE a family shoot like this!

    3. Donyale on

      I love these! Mr Diop’s work isn’t just great art, it’s art you want to share and buy and admire in your own home #winner

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