• And I’m not lying. You see, Tracy and Paul from one of South Africa’s best loved gourmet food brands Nomu asked me to be their contributor of the month! Which means I get my mug splashed on their website and I get to recommend wines to drink with their recipes for their March mailer which is all about Simple Pleasures featuring good, honest home cooked food we all love to eat. (To be honest the request to wax lyrical about wines sent me into a bit of a panic but when I realised I didn’t have to talk about bouquets and all that other blah blah, I was absolutely fine).

    Nomu's March recipe mailer is crammed with recipes for food i really want to eat
    Nomu's March recipe mailer is crammed with recipes for food i really want to eat

    Now, if you haven’t signed up for their recipes..you’re missing out…they come in PDF format, are easy peasy putsticks to download and are brilliant (click here for this month’s) …I always look forward to receiving mine every month…it’s jampacked with really useful (and most importantly doable) seasonal recipes that make you look good at dinner parties and I’m always inspired by the selection of gorgeous pix styled by the fabulous Lisa Clark and photographed by the equally talented Christoph Heierli.

    To download this month’s mailer from Nomu, click here and to sign up to receive it every month, just click here ( and if you do you get a chance to win a copy of Philippa Cheifitz’s amazing book South Africa Eats published by Quivertree Publishing)

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    1. kathy on

      Congrats Vix, a pin up in deed:) Loving loving your blog it’s on my bookmark bar and I check it out daily. What a delicious read. Makes me homesick. Your blog highlights what a distinctly unique country it is, you showcases some of its best parts.

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