• Hello lovelies, Happy September! I feel the same way about a new month as i do about a new week – it’s an opportunity to set the record straight, to clear the decks and to set new intentions. 1 September also marked a month of using FUTURELIFE BEAUTIFOOD as part of my every day. It started as a 28-day challenge set by the brand and i’ve decided to continue my journey – it has proven to be so beneficial and i really do rate it.


    So the journey started with the delivery of this Futurelife BEAUTIFOOD Value Pack – it comes with 14 sachets in two different flavours, Caramel Latte and Vanilla plus a beaut shaker – not sure what it is about this shaker but it feels so luxurious with its rose gold lid, i loved it.

    Why i’ve been impressed 

    • I am not a fan of breakfast – i am never hungry in the mornings and rarely eat before 10am. This often means though that i can make unhealthy choices since i may be out and about and because of my Ileostomy i also can’t have the likes of fresh fruit or cereal anyway so if anything I would head for a piece of toast or a carb laden bagel. A whizzed up Beautifood with warm water (best done using a blender) is the PERFECT solution if breakfast isn’t your thing and you want to make healthy, sustaining choices that are high in vitamins.

    • The other reason i was super excited to undergo the 28-day challenge is because of the collagen levels found in each sachet. Now collagen has become one of the superfoods of our times and i’m so glad it has – i am a big proponent of bone broth for gut heath and had already been adding collagen to smoothies or warm drinks for about a year but really inconsistently. BEAUTIFOOD already contains high levels of collagen (5g per shake or bar) which was brilliant news for me – but it also contains high levels of Vitamin A (that’s also the active ingredient in retinol which i apply topically so it promises cellular renewal) as well as 16 other vitamins and minerals. I battle with nutrient absorption so as much as Futurelife Beautifood promises skin health – i was keen to get cracking for the nutrient promises too.

    • Aside from gut health, collagen has been linked to improve skin appearance and overall integrity. We all hear skin therapists bang on about us having less collagen levels when we’re older – i’m 46 now and i have noticed a radical increase in dehydration and wrinkles (thanks time and children) and the big thing about BEAUTIFOOD is that it promises wrinkle reduction in 28 days – i’m happy to report that i really do believe it’s helped my skin hugely. It feels so much plumper, is reacting better to products and there is without a doubt a glow i hadn’t seen before (i’ve got pix on my stories).


    Skin Improvement  & Weight Maintenance

    The prep is super easy – i either whizz it up with warm water on cold days or make a freezerchino with crushed ice with it on warmer days. Some of you who joined me on the 28-Day Challenge mentioned adding banana to your vanilla shake which sounds delicious and so nutritious and sustaining. That’s something i really found with these shakes – they really do sustain you – if i had one at around 9.30/10am i honestly did not think about food before 2pm. It’s a really good way to try and curb those lockdown high-carb habits and to try and get yourself off the carb train. Many of you asked about the sugar levels…so here’s the lowdown

    Futurelife Beautifood contains 3g of sugar per serving, 12g of carbohydrate and 13g of protein. Nutritionists suggest if you’re trying to lose weight that you should consume your carbs in the morning and leave them for the rest of the day. So that’s what i’ve been doing. I was on a really good exercise train before i started the challenge but i haven’t done a thing for a whole month – so i haven’t lost any of my Corona rolls but i gained nothing either. Now for the next month i’m excited to see what happens when i get back to my walking missions.



    Flavour feels & healthy habits

    If you grew up in the eighties like me you’ll know that ‘diet’ shakes were a thing and they tasted freaking disgusting. they were also loaded with sugar and who knows what other rubbish and e-numbers. The Futurelife Beautifood shakes feel like they have turned the whole notion of meal supplementation on its head – they taste DELICIOUS! Over the past few years i’ve done a bit of a deep dive into the shake world – as a Crohns sufferer, you sometimes spend months not able to eat actual food and i have spent thousands on protein based supplement shakes (there are actual shakes developed purely for Inflammatory Bowel Disease sufferers and you would be shocked at the levels of glucose in them) – also all of them tasted disgusting. This would have been a game changer of me during those times. I’m going to be very involved in patient advocacy for IBD in the coming months and this is definitely a product i recommend – i even told my specialist about it yesterday at an appointment.

    I don’t drink coffee but the Caramel Latté ended up being my favourite – it has a really malty flavour and is so soothing and filling. Honestly, if you struggle to think about food in the morning but are conscious of making healthy choices (that make your skin look better) then this is a great bet.

    My Futurelife BEAUTIFOOD future

    As you can hear, i’m totally sold on the Futurelife BEAUTIFOOD concept and although it was a 28-day challenge i’ve already bought stocks so that it’s a part of my everyday. I love the overall health and nutritional benefits i’m getting and i LOVE the skin benefits too.

    A starter pack of two boxes of shakes in 2 flavours and a shaker costs R549,99 (available at Dischem) while the boxes on their own (for 7 sachets) are R149,95 each.

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