• There’s so much going on in the world and even though it’s winter, being reminded of the planet’s ongoing water crisis and reassessing our daily water habits feels like such a purposeful thing to key into. In the next two posts i’ll be sharing our 10 Water Saving Hacks at Home – being so close to home all the time has made me reassess so much that’s happening in our immediate world.

    This series is a result of a collaboration I’m doing with Nedbank – I’ve actually been a client of theirs my whole life (my Dad worked there for decades) so I’ve always known about their environmental endeavours and commitments to the arts way before they were something other brands aligned themselves with. So I was only too happy to get involved in their water savings programme that highlights the very real realities of where we are standing with water resources and how we can all help to continue to harness these – lord knows we can’t afford to go into a drought and water restrictions like we did just 18 months ago! I used the NedbankWater Savings Guide to give ourselves a bit of an audit – it has some real wake up call info in it!

    With that in mind, I’ve written up some ways to spark your minds back into water savings mode because as we know water is a finite resource and if we don’t invest in saving it now we’re going to run into issues later.


    I always try and keep a jug or jar next to our prep bowl in the kichen so that I can catch any cold water before it heats up and use it for plants and herbs growing on the window sill (or for filling Lola’s water bowl). I also use the jug to scoop out water from the sink once its been used to clean veggies and water other plants too.


    So you’ll know from my Insta that I am obsessed with plants and have a room dedicated to them at home. I do occasionally buy seasonally flowering plants but I try and stick to mostly succulents since they are use so much less water. We also have some delicious monsters in our plant room and for those I collect water from buckets that I’ve filled in the shower.


    One of the best ways to reduce water evaporation and moisture loss in your garden is by mulching and for my smaller indoor plants the same applies. I like to collect our rooibos tea bags and then I open them up and scatter on the soil in my plants – it’s full of plant friendly flavinoids but it’s also a fantastic mini mulch for indoor plants. Check out the Nedbank Water Savings Guide here for more ideas.


    When you read that turning off the tap when you brush your teeth can save up to 4 litres per person per DAY, I’m always shocked, that’s more water than I’ll ever drink in a day! It’s mindboggling to think how we ever lived in a world where we left a tap flowing while brushing teeth. Again, if I’m wanting hot water to wash my face, I’ll let the water collect in a bowl that I keep for Mr Cat who is always thirsty. If you’re wanting to get the message across to your family – this is an amazing resource for the most gorgeous posters


    I’m all about saving time and hassle when I’m cooking and steaming does exactly that. What I also love about using steamers (love the bamboo ones you can get at any Chinese supermarket) is that you can cook three things over ONE pot of water – rice at the bottom plus veggies on layers two or three.


    That’s a wrap on today’s line up of water savings we’re making at home – keep an eye on my social and share how YOU save water at home, and don’t forget that every litre you save makes a difference to your water bill too!


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