• I can’t remember where i spotted Johana Basford’s intricate illustrations but from the get go i loved them. Then i found out that aside from some of her commissions for various commercial projects, she had also created two grown up colouring books – and then i was smitten. I’m very tempted to order a copy of Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book – i think it’s the perfect thing to take away on a weekend away – i can see myself spending hours in front of a fireplace colouring in some of her beautifully intricate drawings. I love the doodley nature of her illustrations and that when you get closer you realise that what you thought were haphazard lines are part of an extraordinary creation.

    Take a look at some of her work


    This was for a beer brand 7e6trdc6nvg3s7gd2hrpl7j7o6_85411

    And this was for a rum brand 7e6trdc6nvg3s7gd2hrpl7j7o6_97600


    I Want This Dog!! a0e76f8usro4su6s09b7corec3_72662


    How beautiful? uoov5gotbckuattjgfsdnkod23_42327

    Screen shot 2015-03-17 at 10.22.05 PM

    Here’s an example of one of her colouring in pages in Secret Garden

  • 7 Comments to “Johana Basford”

    1. RedCat on

      I’m busy colouring in one of her drawings as a work break- gorgeous drawings and a super way to relax!

    2. Lana on

      Ordering one of these now, this must be the best way to relax! PS. found it through Kalahari 😉

    3. Beth on

      Just divine!!! I want that dog too!

    4. Lois Carol Wessels on


    5. Donyale on

      Love that dog!

    6. iwantthat on

      Oh my word Lana, it’s on SALE at Kalahari, yahooo!!

    7. Tessa Tuttle on

      They’re exquisite! Grown up colouring in should definitely be more of a ‘thing’

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