• Hi lovelies! Last night i realised we have less than three weeks until we move into our new home and that caused me to have a mild panic attack and mainline an entire packet of jellytots in about 2 minutes flat! Aside from packing up our current home which i haven’t even started or thought about, i still have got SHED LOADS of stuff to do for the new house. In my home decorating fantasies i would be getting all new furniture and starting with a blank slate but that is definitely not the case – i am going to try and make as much of our existing furniture work in the new space, upholstering where i can afford to (sheesh, upholsterers have got expensive!!) and we’ll slowly make changes as we go.

    We’ve been scouring Gumtree looking for the perfect dining room table and by some miracle The Captain found a 14-seater that used to be in a science lab at the University of Stellenbosch and i also bought a beautiful old Imbouia dresser which we’re having sprayed up to use as a bathroom vanity. We’re looking for a new couch as the living room is freaking enormous, i’m respraying our red Tolix replica chairs to be black and i’m trying to finalise light fittings that won’t bankrupt us. All in all fun and freaking games. I know i sound moany, it is fun but it’s a leeetle stressful too.

    Now, the look and feel of our house…now for those of you who have been following the blog in the seven years since it began will know that i am MAD about colour. But i really want to tone it down in this new house. I’m worried that having less colour is just wishful thinking, i’m not sure. I just know that i am craving less clutter and visual noise in my life – it may be easier said than done!! In the meantime…this is sort of where i am going – it’s a pretty generic look these days and i feel quote unoriginal! But i’ll be adding our own twist to things and i want the basis to be monochrome – wood, lots more white than we have here in Muizenberg, some lean black line, some contrasting patterning and some softer pink and metallics here and there for good measure.


    Our vinyl wood look flooring is being installed next week. It’s a medium to light brown and i love it. I am a big fan of vinyl flooring, it feels amazing, does not have that hectic clickety clack sound that laminates do and the children can drive around on their plastic motorbikes like lunatics and it won’t matter!


    Our kitchen and dining room space are adjacent to each other like in this house and the kitchen cabinetry is very similar to what’s shown here. I’m doing a separate kitchen post so you can see more.


    I’m in a toestand about the couches. We currently have two couches that i love but which are a dark grey and a dark dark navy. I would love a cream couch but i think i might be slightly mad even thinking about a light colour – my soon-to-be-3-year old’s favourite game is chucking the couch cushions on the floor and dive bombing them. In between smearing them with peanut butter and Lindt balls which she’s forever stealing. The large plants are a must for me.


    Also, i really really want a bar cart. I’m not really drinking much these days but The Captain luurves a martini and a bar cart just looks so rad.


    Plants = a non negotiable


    What i love about this image is how the lighting just helps cement the dining space – definitely visiting Hoi Ploy for some lighting options


    I specifically chose a wood look that’s a lot less grainy than this but i love this pic since it shows how beautifully the wood marries with white


    Same here…

    I messed around with some colour palettes and came up with these…

    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.12.08 PM

    Screen Shot 2017-02-27 at 8.12.21 PM

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    1. Lisa Fullstone on

      This looks amazing. Absolutely love your style. looking forward to following

    2. Robyn Gibson on

      the bar carts at @home are gorgeous!!!!!

    3. Suz on

      So grown up!

    4. Lois Wessels on

      Fabulous ideas!

    5. RedCat on

      Loving hearing about your reno! How about a leather couch from Klooftique? You could potentially go with a light colour then?

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