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    How supercool are these choccies? I found them at my local Spar and had to have them – and at R5 a pop what’s not to love? I think they’re a perfect pick me up for the DIY demon in your life.


    When I lived and worked in London a million years ago I used to walk past the Rococo store on the Kings Road every morning on my way to and from work. The teeny tiny space was filled with gilded mirrors and glass fronted cabinets, each with row upon row of just-made truffles, bon bons and whole slabs of artisan-made chocolates – with ingredients like geranium, lavender, rose, salt, lemon and cardamom changing the way I thought about chocolate forever. I was earning a pittance then, making cappucino’s in a coffee bar, but every now and then I’d splurge on one or two perfectly made, handcrafted truffles.

    The truffles were always heavenly, but the chocolatey hit relatively shortlived. But the thing that really got me was the packaging. From the tissue paper used to carefully wrap your precious chocolate cargo to the printed boxes (pictured here), the images of vintage chocolate molds that are printed on all Rococo packaging are absolutely swoonworthy and comforted me after many a relentless bone aching shift frothing milk for wannabe It Girls. I still have a perfectly folded and preserved piece of tissue paper in my memory box from my London days and its a reminder that sometimes its the carefully conceived details that really do make the difference in the world (well, that’s my theory and I’m sticking with it).


    Now these fellas are made by an achingly hip Barcelona crowd Xocoa and are so beautiful it’d be a crying shame to throw away the wrappers (which is why I still have wrappers from um…OK, a long time ago) – even better is that they have flavours like orange, green tea and lemon verbena, a range of chocolate body products, beers and even music – seems their magic chocolate wand knows no boundaries.


    In Europe its traditional to give chocolate sardines at Easter time…I wish that was the case here. I love these.


    Here in South Africa we’re lucky enough to have the talent that is Richard von Gesau in our midst. Richard used to work for ‘the man’ – he was a number crunching suit but a serious look at his life and his passion prompted a massive career change and Von Gesau Chocolates was born. I love the classy look of his offerings and can understand cravings for his Crème Brulée chocolate bars (the Earl Grey is pretty damn delicious too).

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    1. Jenni Case on

      This site is simply amazing; I love your writing and I love your angle on life and I love the interesting things you pick out. Looking forward to more…

    2. Leigh-Ann on

      must have the tool set…. for my 4year old of course!

    3. Heidi von Caues on

      Forget love…I’d rather fall in chocolate! Check out the von Geusau website – it’s beautiful!

    4. iwantthat on

      http://www.vgchocolate.co.za is a sweet and delicious place to linger indeed!

    5. Brenda Wardall on

      Love the toolset! Will be visiting regularly to keep up! Thanks for sharing all your super cool finds -love them.

    6. francesca sleet:) on

      these are ausum! i love the way u write this stuff and give your little views of them! so nice…. really hungry now!

    7. iwantthat on

      thank you oh-most-other-favourite niece! so pleased you like. xx

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