• Hi lovelies

    It really has been a while- 2 months actually, since I last checked in.  And what a 2 months its been. Since my diagnosis with Crohn’s disease nearly 20 years ago and numerous flare ups and attacks, this latest ride with this auto immune disease  has been one of the roughest. But I’m glad to say I’m coming out the other side. While I never share really intimate details of my life on the blog, I feel like I owe you all an explanation for my prolonged absence.

    Last year I’d been battling feeling off colour, almost monthly flare ups, regular fevers and generally feeling weak, it wasn’t helped by me catching pneumonia  in September (and what they thought was TB so I had to take the Meds for that for 6 weeks) and by Christmas my health chaos peaked. It took another few weeks and a bunch of tests to discover the Superbug that kept me in hospital for 30 days two years ago was back! Joy of joys. So for the past few weeks I’ve been taking a hectic antibiotic to try and get it under control and preparing for a Microbiota transplant where all the bad macrobiotics in the gut are transplanted with good ones. Which I had last week. Unfortunately when I went in for the procedure last week, while I was under they discovered that the bug is the least of my worries right now and my formerly contained Chrohns disease is everywhere. My entire colon shows signs of ulceration and inflammation throughout. To be honest when the doctor told me when I came round I just wanted him to knock me out again – knowing what a road I have ahead is daunting and feeling so weak it feels like such a mountain to climb. BUT then I think about people wit REAL iillnesses like cancer and life threatening conditions or those who have lost their children and partners to illness and accidents and I know I need to tell myself to pull myself towards myself and to pull out the big girl panties and put them on!

    I’m grateful that we now have a plan and on Friday I had two months worth of immunosuppressants injected at once to try and see if we can whack it and I’ll go in for more next week.

    So that’s kind of why I’ve been so scarce lately.

    I’ve honestly felt that I’ve had no reserves to offer anyone, nothing to share, nothing to say. It’s been tough on my family, I’m usually in bed by 8.30 every night, meals together haven’t happened in months let alone me cooking much because I can hardly eat and my energy levels are zero. As for a Social life? What’s that?!! The Captain, who is the most social person I know, hasn’t been out in weeks, poor fella and I’m so grateful that he’s in a place where he can talk me through stuff and offer me perspective because I’ve needed it. It hasn’t been easy on him since he’s had to accept that I’m pretty much not up for anything and aside from our incredible housekeeper and second Mom to the girls Pummie keeping things afloat with the girls has been up to him. I’m also starting with a dietitian this week because the irony of this disease is that when you’re ill the only thing you can eat is white food – so I’ve been living on white bread Melrose sandwiches – not exactly very nutritious and now that i’ve had the transplant, there is no point in messing things up with sugar and other rubbish.

    As the days go by and I get stronger, I’ll be sharing more on the blog and getting back to business. There are some changes afoot as I mentioned last year but we’ll have to intro those slowly and of course I am infinitely grateful to Mandy for being the rock star writer and kindred information magpie that she is.

    This weekend I went for a walk to the Bootleggers near us and it felt like a real milestone and we even went to friends for a Braai for a few hours. Today I’m on my way to our office in town and it will be good to see my colleagues as working only via email sucks! Real world here we come!

    So there you have it my lovelies – sorry for my absence, hope you understand and I look forward to sharing lots with you this week! Have a lovely Monday!! V xx

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    1. Jill Goldberg on

      I’m bowled over by your resilience and positive attitude – which can be energy-depleting in itself! You are amazing. Wishing you the best of everything xxxx

    2. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Best wishes for a speedy recovery – so sorry about your debilitating illness, but I am hopeful that your health will improve soon. God Bless

    3. Sharleen on

      Thinking of you and may you go from strength to strength

    4. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      Sending you love, love, love and wishes for healing & wonderful things for you. x

    5. RedCat on

      What a difficult start to the year- so sorry you’re going through such a rough time!
      Belinda from Making Mountains interviewed a friend with Crohns who mentioned a book relating to diet really helped her- ‘The Autoimmune Solution’ by Dr Amy Myers. Maybe it’ll be useful to you?

    6. Marysia on

      I am sorry that you and your family are going through this! I think the best thing you can do is vocalize your position as much as possible- through this I think you will find strength and encouragement through the support others give you, and the strength and support you give others on the same journey. Take each day as it comes and when you have a bad day open yourself to your incredible support system. Sending so many positive vibes your way 🙂

    7. kery on

      Wow, loving your positive perspective…so important to healing… sending loads more positivity, strength and get better vibes. These things are no joke, take care and take it easy, no point over doing anything.. One day at a time….

    8. Sue on

      Hang in there, Vicki! We’re all thinking of you, the Captain, the girls and Pummie, and sending you beams of support through the airwaves.

    9. Renee Schonborn on

      Hello V

      I am sorry to read about the tough time you have been having – I can only imagine how hard it has been on you and your family. I am sending love and wishing you well and that the treatments and programme you have lined up make a big difference and set you on the path to a full recovery. Be kind to yourself.


    10. Anita on

      Do yourself a favour and check Sally Ann Creed out. She has a website. She is an amazing nutritionist and will definitely set you on the right path diet wise.

    11. Anne on

      Take good care of yourself, dear heart.

    12. Colleen on

      Welcome back V & take care of yourself – missed your daily posts.

    13. Lalannie on

      All the best with your recovery. Take care of yourself first. We are cheering you on as you beat this illness!!

    14. sera holland on

      Ah Vicki I am so sorry to hear this! I had my own major issues with my gut last year (and still ongoing) which was just awful and it is such a hard one to fix! I do have an amazing nutritionist if you’re interested! Sending lots of love to you and a speedy recovery xx

    15. Farren on

      “Sleep is the best meditation.” (I think that’s the Dalai Lama?)… hope you get lots of rest and are able to take it easy. Baby steps. xxx

    16. Yasmn on

      All the best Vicki, lots of strength and light to you…

    17. Kathy on

      Shew Vicki, huge respect to you and sending lots of love and strength!

    18. Alexandra Thorne on

      Wow, Vicki, you’ve been through the mill! Wishing you strength and a full recovery.

      lots of love!

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