• Hi Lovelies, how is life with you? I’ve been laying low on the blog lately (still lots happening over on Insta though) because i’ve been working on some changes in my life and that’s taken actual time and brain space too – it’s not completely ground shaking but it is for me – i haven’t exercised in five years and i’ve gone from nothing to 3 times a week of running and hockey (i picked up a stick for the first time in 23 years last week and loved it) and Bodytec which is also amazing! I’ll be reporting back on the Bodytec experience and i think many of you might be interested in the process if you haven’t done it before – it’s pretty weird but the fact that it’s only 20 minutes a week and is equivalent to 3 hardcore gym sessions, well, i’m sold! So, that’s where things are for me right now – the juggle struggle is real, the return to a life of normality after years and years of illness is a work in progress and one i’m thoroughly enjoying.

    This morning’s post is a little girl’s room transformation that i found on Instagram. Melissa is a Mum of two and recently tweaked one of her daughter’s bedrooms from a cutesy space to an adorable-with-a-hint-of-sophistication bedroom – it’s a lovely transformation.




    So far so fabulous, right? The pix struck a chord with me because it’s pretty much the exact colour palette that i’ve used in Charley and Ava’s bedrooms – it’s not exactly groundbreaking but it really is super easy on the eye. But wait till you see how it’s been tweaked…

    So, if you’re obsessing over all thing rose gold and/or copper and/or the combination of those tones – then take a look here my lovelies…it’s such an easy-to-achieve look and teams beautifully with white too



    I’m loving this look and would love to make some subtle shifts to copper, rose gold and pink into my girls’ rooms.

  • 3 Comments to “From Rainbow Pastel to Blush & Copper”

    1. Robyn on

      Where could I find a bed like that???? Swoon!

    2. iwantthat on

      @Robyn isn’t it divine? I wonder if one could have a normal metal bed powder coated? I’ll look into it. V x

    3. Yvonne on

      Just beautiful…

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