• Hello lovelies! So things have been very busy in my and The Captain’s lives lately – not just because we have a new little soul in our family but because at the end of last year WE BOUGHT A NEW HOUSE!!! After 7 very happy years in our current home, we found a new spot which we started renovating a couple of weeks  before the builder’s holidays began!. We’ve been toying with the idea of moving for a while – our current home is fabulous and we love it and it has an insane view but its not hugely family friendly – it’s up quite a few stairs and with three generations (us, the teens and the littlies), things can get a bit chaotic if everyone has friends round. We really want the older girls to feel they can have friends anytime and not feel like we’re cramping each others’ style but to be honest we have been. Also, The Captain is one of those people who needs a project and this is one HELL of a project! We’ve found one of the ugliest houses in town and are in the beginning stages of giving it a major facelift. Over the next few months i’ll be sharing behind the scenes with our builders, the good, the bad and the ugly details and of course the wins too! I’m very excited about the prospect of an entirely different interiors project to play with and i am thinking of creating quite a different look to what we currently have.

    This is what we have to work with…



    So far, so Seventies, right? We love it because it’s on the most beautiful, secluded green belt, complete with a stream, willow trees, trampolines, treehouses, swings and jungle gyms which the neighbours have put there – it’s an absolute paradise for children. The garden is lovely and flat, with plenty of space for running about and the pool has that old school, swimming party feel to it too – yip, its kidney shaped!!


    In the next few months you can look forward to some blow by blow accounts of what we’re up to at our new spot the befores, the afters, the wins, the hurdles and plenty of advice from experts in the know. I’ve got some DIY projects too –  i can’t wait to share the process with you! I’d love to hear from some of you who are currently renovating/looking to make some changes at home…what projects do you have up your sleeve?





  • 16 Comments to “Exciting News!”

    1. gillian goodwin on

      Good luck!!

    2. Kim on

      Exciting, and exhausting… you have so much energy! Can’t wait to see what you do. X

    3. Lisa on

      Huge potential! We also renovated a 70’s house and I love it now! Enjoy!

    4. Linda d'Holt-Hackner on

      So exciting! I look forward to seeing the beautiful, and practical, spaces you create with, and for your family!

    5. Liesel on

      Congratulations !

    6. Donyale on

      Huge congrats – what a great setting for your new home. I’m looking forward to seeing you in full reno mode, Vicky 🙂

    7. Shannon on

      It is not an ugly house! I am sure it will look magnificent once it has received the Sleet/Spreckley touch. Looking forward to seeing the ongoing pics and see how you transform it.

    8. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Congratulations – well done

    9. Colleen on

      Happy renovating – can’t wait to see the transformation.

    10. Bevin le Roux on

      Congrats!! love a project!

    11. Rebecca on

      We’re starting our renovations in a couple of months time, so I welcome all tips. Look forward to hearing all about it! x

    12. Renee on

      How exciting – I look very forward to watching the progress here!

    13. RedCat on

      Congrats! Ugly houses are the best! We bought our little ugly duckling last year and are VERY slowly doing bits and bobs. Looking forward to seeing and hearing how yours goes!

    14. Lalannie on

      Congratulations. That backyard looks amazing!! Definately no more style cramping.. you may now need to find the kids… Looking forward to the new look as going from your previous renovations, this is going to be stunning!!

    15. Rose on

      I’m doing a bit of catch up. This is fabulous news and I can so understand why. All the best with the renovations – hope you don’t have too many hair raising days. Enjoy the remaining time in your lovely sea view home.

    16. kerry on

      so exciting, wonderful!

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