• Readers of a certain age may remember their Big Blue phase. When thoughts like ‘I love dolphins, she/he loves dolphins, we’re made for each other’ ran through one’s head (didn’t they?) When the (still incredible) soundtrack by Eric Serra made every moment so very meaningful and when thoughts of communing with dolphins remained a delicious daydream (ok, maybe that was just me).

    Poor Loverboy recently spent an entire evening enduring a full three hours of me repeating over and over again ‘he’s so hot’. ‘Ohmygoodness, he’s so hot’…’babe, did you see how hot he is?’. Long suffering Loverboy, I tells ya. And I have to admit that somehow (despite having watched it an obscene number of times as a teenager) until now I had somehow missed the fact that old gorgeous-pants Jacques Mayol (Jean Marc Barr) says about three full sentences during the entire movie!

    Clock this scene from my all-time favourite shlockfest Le Grande Bleu…

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    1. Catch on

      OMG! I looove this movie, and the soundtrack often brings a tear. and yes, he is gorgeous. going to dig out my CD and get deep!

    2. Dominic Touwen on

      This movie HAUNTED me… I would lie awake at night humming and watching the celing for water reflections…

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