• This is the first time in 7 years we haven’t been away for the holidays and i am beyond excited! I have lots of things planned and am excited about feathering the new part of our nest and entertaining again after a long hiatus (The Captain is very nearly finished his two year slog of a course!) I have a new cookbook or two, a pile of baking gear and of course a list as long as my arm of things i’ve been meaning to get done for yonks. This could all fall to the way side of course and i might retire to the pool instead (i’m not Pisces for nothing!). One of the things i’ll defintely do though is decorate our home for Christma – the other day i found a bunch of decorations i couldn’t find last Chistmas so those will definitely make an appearance – i really want a fairylight bokkie this year – i spottedf some at Builders earlier this week, i might have to bite the bullet and buy one!

    These pix (found here) are so inspiring – so simple yet so utterly beautiful






    How about you? How do you plan on decorating your space for the festive season?

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    1. Sally on

      So beautiful!

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