• I’m loving being on maternity leave and although i’m still doing blog work and admin it really has been wonderful to flex some creative muscle and indulge in some frivolities. The Poppet’s room has been such a joy to put together,  it evolved from a lots of brights type space into a hopefully a more calm and restful one. And although it does feel like a bit of a shop since i indulged in lots of pretties for it and i know some of you will say that there are lots of impracticalities, it really was an exercise in indulgence and no doubt will evolve into what it needs to be once she is born.


    This single bed used to belong to my youngest steppie and was given a lick of paint to match the bookshelf and chest of drawers. It’s nice and low for when she’s big enough for a bed. The baskets are plain wire numbers which were upcycled for a Good Housekeeping shoot – i was going to paint them a minty colour but chose to stay with the pink (purely out of laziness!).I’ve popped some of the teddies and gifts that have been given to the baby – pride of place is the big fluffy teddy on the left which my Godmother made by hand for me – a real treasure.

    My Mom gave me the teddy on the bed days after we told everyone we were having a baby and the pillowslip was made for me by a friend using Liberty print fabric i bought years ago at Bellamy & Bellamy. The crochet blankie was a gift from friends at my baby shower – love, love, love it – it’s from Woolies if you’re looking for one. The gallery wall is in its infancy and will hopefully grow in time. It includes some framed birdie prints from an old calendar, an Essie Letterpress ABC and a lovely wooden whotsit from Photoblox which i bought at Kamers last year when i was newly pregnant. And the rug on the floor is an oldie from Mr Price Home  which was in one of the girls’ rooms and which they didn’t want anymore.


    The cot was such a find – it was just over R900 from IKEA (via Nevada) – such a bargain and it meets stringent UK safety features and took The Captain about 10 minutes to put together. I love the beech wood colour and well, everything about it really. The night light is from Nest and is a beauty and is sitting on an old pedestal that’s been floating around the garage for a few years! The rose print was from my Mother in Law absolutely ages ago (she’d seen a blog post i’d written about Redoute rose prints) and the Pyjama Bear is another Essie Letterpress beauty. I made the mobile using honeycomb decorations i bought at In Good Company. The fluffy grey clouds blanket is from a colleague at my work baby shower and you’ll see in the next pictures why it is so perfect for the room. The flokati rug is temporary and is actually from next to my side of our bed. I ordered a rug from IKEA (through Nevada again) but unfortunately they were out of stock so it will only come at the end of this month.


    Here is her changing table, a bookshelf for bits and bobs (toys and books when she’s older) and her Moses basket for when she’s very little.

    Isn’t the wallpaper amazing?!!!

    So…the wallpaper is the latest offering from Skinny la Minx. They’ve teamed up with much respected wallpaper and surface covering creators Robin Sprong Wallpaper to develop a range of wallpaper that reflects their brand oh so beautifully! I was thrilled when Heather contacted me a couple of months ago to ask whether i’d be interested in having a wall papered in a design from their new range and i am so pleased how it’s turned out. It’s utterly contemporary but with such a classic feel to it. The pattern i chose is Orla in Fog and i chose it because grey is such a great neutral that allows other colours to pop – whether they are pastels or brights.

    The cost of the wallpaper is R450/m2 and it’s available in a number of Skinny designs via Robin Sprong Wallpaper.

    NB. The new wallpaper range from Skinny la Minx only launches this week (i’ve scooped them a little by getting ahead of myself with sharing the good baby room news with you). Be sure to keep an eye on their website and blog for the full story and info about the ranges that will be translated into wallpaper.


    I got the Moses basket from a friend (the skirt and bonnet thing have been removed which i much prefer) and the chest of drawers was a cheap and cheerful find from a local furniture shop. I might change the handles at some stage but for now am happy with it how it is. The owl print is a Typo card from a friend for my birthday and i framed it in a frame given to me by another friend for my birthday (from Country Road) – they work perfectly together. The mobile was a baby shower gift made by my clever friend Leigh-Anne and the baskets on the top of the bookshelf are from Ashanti. I might customise them this week by threading ribbon through the slats – let’s see how energetic i’m feeling.

    These beaut pix were taken by the lovely Toby Murphy who shoots editorial and commercial work and was fab to work with – thanks Toby!

    And here are some more details of what’s happening in her room below.


    Top row: since the pix were taken, Charlie the night light from Nest has been joined by a ceramic teddy from my Mom and a Bambi nightlight which i found at Typo last week, these are her 0-3 month clothes, washed and ready (i know – there are a lot!!), the aardvark is SO cute, don’t you think? He was a gift from the Mr Price Home team.

    Middle row: the box contained gifts from a friend for my baby shower and will be used as her memory box and the Bento Box is from In Good Company; i was lucky enough to be given an Oilily baby bag from two very special friends (i know!!!) I am in love with it. I also got a Lou Harvey baby bag – so she will have an overnight bag and an essentials bag – very spoilt Poppet indeed!; let the record state that i am responsible for only one pair of these shoes – the rest were all gifts from friends and my sister.

    Bottom row: Beautiful blankies – from friends, the Mr Price Home team and an order from Mungo – who make the best cellular and organic cotton baby blankets imaginable; my friend Chloe’s mum has a range of hand-embroidered linen which i have always coveted – isn’t this tree of life beautiful?; the big grey bunny was a gift the Big Heart Company, the taggie teddy was from my Mom and the Liberty bunny was from another friend. I’ve (and by that i mean we) been very, very spoilt people.

    And that, lovelies, is that, now we wait for The Poppet’s arrival!!

    I hope you like what you see – i’d love to hear your thoughts!

    PS. Keep your eyes peeled for a fabulous Skinny la Minx wallpaper giveaway on the blog  – you don’t want to miss this!!

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    1. Janine on


    2. Lisa on

      LOVE, LOVE … LOVE IT!! xxx

    3. Charl on

      Absolutely beautiful Vick! Feel like I haven’t done enough for my poppets! Mmm feeling very inspired! Xxxx

    4. Theresa Gibbon on

      the room is fabulous. i wish you so much love and joy.

    5. Andrea | cleverbirdbanter.com on

      Vicki, this looks AMAZING! Love it all – but that Skinny Laminx wallpaper – I die! So beautiful! Well done 🙂

    6. Rose McClement on

      it is the kinda room that is so welcoming and warmed by those sweet personal touches. I love it and the wallpaper – lekka. How lovely to have a space like this prepared for someone so special. what a way to start out in this life’s journey. I am sure she has already enjoyed just being a part of this whole preparation energy.

    7. Michelle Snaddon on

      Absolutely gorgeous Vix… love the Skinny la Minx wallpaper too!

    8. Nikki on

      Absolutely gorgeous Vicki! I’m sure you can’t wait to meet her.x

    9. Leigh-Ann on

      You are so clever. Love the cot and wallpaper xxxx

    10. Jo on

      What a gorgeous and special room!

    11. Andrea on

      Wallpaper such a winner – looks amazing Vix! Loving your upcycled and re-used ideas…good green-mom!


    12. Liz on

      What a beautiful, perfect space, where many happy hours will be spent. (Can you come and do the same for me please.)

    13. Alex on

      Wow Vicks! Amazing! Well done, the nursery looks beautiful! xxx

    14. Natasha on

      Absolutely lovely! This Poppet of yours is going to be spoilt for visual stimuli. Have fun and all the best.

    15. Gillian Fuller on

      I have been thinking the big day must be close! Although I haven’t read all of it yet, I can see you have been incredibly resourceful…well you would be wouldn’t you??!! Love the crocheted blanket. My grand mother used to crochet huge blankets and it reminds me of her. I admire the way you have kept up with IWT with unrelenting vigour! xx

    16. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love your decor and am sure the new arrival will love it too. Good luck and best wishes to you all – may the little one bring you great joy!

    17. Colleen on

      Lucky little poppet – enjoy this special time. Love the crochet blanket had my eye on it for a while.

    18. SoJo on

      Wallpaper looks superb and love the mix of specially chosen pieces – lucky little angel…..

    19. Charlotte Karpinska Barnard on

      Absolutely stunning! All of it! Love the wallpaper too!

    20. Judith on

      ah, the quiet before the storm … remember those “waiting” days so well …. thanks for the peek into your private space, just lovely x

    21. Jaclyn on

      Simply stunning!

    22. Carmen R on

      Simply Gorgeous, Vicky xx

    23. Tracy Lion-Cachet on

      Oh Vicki, it is lovely, enough to get anyone broody. Good luck with the last week and the arrival of your little one.

    24. heather moore on

      Your baby’s room looks simply delicious! Luckiest baby in the world. xox

    25. Li on

      What a magical, gorgeous room! Full of peace and beauty – so very lovely. <3

    26. Tania on

      A simply beautiful space to welcome a little one into the world!

    27. sera holland on

      It looks incredible!! All the best for the upcoming arrival : )

    28. Gillian Priem on

      Wow! Vicki, you’ve created a gorgeous baby room! So many interesting stories behind each piece that your little one will appreciate when she’s older too. Well done.

    29. Bee Soboil on

      Beautiful! All the very best on your new journey!

    30. Liz on

      Absolutely gorgeous. I LOVE the Ikea cot – can’t wait to see what rug you’ve ordered from them. Quick q about your framing: do you buy ready-made frames or do you have a great source for custom framing?

    31. Andrea on

      Oh Vix – SO SO pretty and stylish! Had a good giggle at her shoe collection!

    32. Marilize Nelson on

      I love your little girl’s room! We have also just finished our nursery…uhhm…bit early…as she’s only due in August 😀 but being a first time mommy, I just could not wait!! Love your choice of wallpaper!! We went with a fog grey painted wall, but will definitely consider this wallpaper design for a future upgrade…love it all! Enjoy your little babe 😉

    33. gillian goodwin on

      stunning Vicks! you’re litlle bambino is going to LOVE this room 🙂

    34. Jenny on

      So beautiful. All the best for the new few weeks.

    35. Tina Pieterse on

      Wow that looks amazing Cant wait to see your little one

    36. Fenella on

      What a beautiful space Vicki. You are talented! I can’t wait for the poppet reveal 🙂 xx

    37. Karine Young on

      the shoes!!! finished.
      it’s beaut- great job. thinking of you lots x

    38. Fiona de Klerk on

      That is so pretty! Just love the pink and grey together 🙂

    39. Blair Scheepers on

      Gorgeous room. Thanks for reminding me about Essie Letterpress! I just found the perfect print for my little guys gallery wall.

    40. Ria on

      You have made the room so beautiful, and welcoming. I just love the colours, but more so the fact that every item has a little story. Please keep us updated on the additions from now on, especially a pic when poppet arrives and the gallery wall. Enjoy the rest of your maternity leave and good luck for little one’s arrival.

    41. Cathi on

      What an absototalutely beautiful room ready for your little poppet!! OMG count down days… Hours… Goodie for her arrival!! Xxx

    42. Marisa on

      It looks absolutely stunning! The perfect little sanctuary. I could not get over how generous people were with gifts for Livia. I hardly had to buy anything! Your little Poppet is going to love the mobile over her changing mat. Livia has a similar one and it never ceases to make her smile

    43. engela du toit on

      soooo pretty on the eye, well done – enjoy every bit –

    44. colleen on

      It’s just perfect! Such beautiful detail and so much history in all of it. Love the colours. Wishing you all the very best for the rest xx

    45. Lana on

      It looks gorgeous Vicky! Looks like you are super prepared!x

    46. Chereen on

      Aaah, this room is pure perfection! Such a lucky little Poppet… thinking of you loads and loads & wishing you everything of the best for a safe and happy arrival!

    47. Paula on

      So beautiful Vix! You are going to have one happy poppet! Well done x x x x

    48. Yvonne on

      Gorgeous! You’ve done a great job! Well done!!

    49. Fiona on

      Best of luck Vicki!! All looks amazing, and so exciting for you both. xx

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      […] look at Vicki’s beautiful nursery, decorated with our Orla in Fog. More pics […]

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