• Hello lovelies! So, it’s been a while, a LONG long while! Months and month, i know, and i’ve had countless mails and messages asking where i’d disappeared to. It’s been a funny old year and i really didn’t know if i’d start blogging again but for the past month i’ve had a hankering to get my hands dirty with connecting with what makes me tick and sharing it again with my readers.


    As you probably noticed last year, my blogging started to slow down significantly. Some of it was due to my ongoing ill health and some of it was because i just didn’t have much to say – add two little children and a full-time job to the mix of life and to be honest, depleted is an understatement. Fast forward to January and not much changed except my health just got worse and worse and by February i was back in hospital and my specialist was telling me i had to face some cold hard facts about my health (that my Crohns is getting worse and not better and i need to make some serious decisions about how to handle it).

    After waiting for 6 weeks for approval to import the medicine, i started a new drug trial in April and a month ago towards the end of May i managed to find myself back in hospital with pneumonia  – for those of you who saw the crazy Instagram posts i apologise – i literally lost my marbles and have no recollection (thankfully) of the chaos that was going down. My poor Captain got sick as well (as did the littlest children, one of whom landed up at emergency while i was in an isolation ward) – all of this happened just two days after we moved house. Oh yes if you haven’t seen on Insta, all of this health nonsense was happening while we SOLD OUR HOME and bought another – and proceeded to do a mini renovation (knock down walls, rip out fixtures and fittings, completely rewire and repaint) in EIGHT days – nothing in half measures for us!

    So…as you can hear, blogging has been on the back burner but finally it feels like life is settling down. We’ve been laying low on weekends, we’ve been in bed early most nights and we even decided to cancel a holiday we had planned with friends and it’s amazing what a difference its made (besides the fact that i have serious FOMO looking at all the holiday pix they’re posting).  Aside from the ongoing reno mess around us (our painter might as well move in, he’s been here so long), it feels good to just breathe out a bit. And now, it seems i may have found some space to blog again. My health has improved dramatically thanks to iron infusions and supplements and the drug trial i’m on and i’m in a good space.

    I also thought i’d share some recent pix with you – they were taken by the lovely Lauren Rautenbach a week before we left our old house. I really wanted to document our family in the space where so much happened and luckily Lauren was available to shoot some pix. As you can see, our girls, big and small have grown so much – i’m so glad we chose to freeze that moment – thanks Lauren!

    I’ll also be sharing the pix of our new house but i thought i should do that in its own post. The reno is likely to keep us busy for the rest of this year, there is a lot to be done!

    So that’s it from me for today, lovelies! It’s good to be back! For daily updates and behind the scenes, especially with what’s happening with our reno – stay tuned to my instagram @vicki_iwantthat and have a look at the #iwantthatreno show reels in the highlights

    Some things you can look forward to in the next few weeks: some interior trend posts, a things i want post, reno updates, some great giveaways and some style buys i’ve made and would love to share (lets just say hospital stays breed online shopping problems 😉

  • 10 Comments to “An Update on 2019”

    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Best wishes for a speedy lasting recovery – r e l a x!

    2. Anne Taylor on

      Good to have you back in the blogging space! Missed you. All the best with you health.

      I can so relate to your post. My son [only child!] moved out of the house two years ago to study overseas, we sold our house we had lived in for 30 years, bought a plot and built for the first time ever, worked, son gets job overseas, moved into new house, fell off a ladder and broke my foot, in moon boot and crutches for 8 weeks after op, worked, depressed, lovely wedding [my ‘daughter-in-law’ organised beautifully!] lifts spirits, worked, enjoying new home, but struggling with building ‘snags’, wish my son and his wife were closer, work … life goes on!

      Your daughters are beautiful!

      Look forward to seeing your renovations!

    3. Ingrid Fortuin on

      Vicky I love how you keep it so real!!

    4. HELEN HEENAN on

      So good to have you back and I hope you start to feel even better and better! x

    5. Zahraa Minty on

      Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers

    6. Kimberley on

      Good to have you back Vicki, and even though it’s been great to connect with you on Insta, it’s nice to see you writing again. Wishing you a SPEEDY full recovery (on all fronts) and happiness further x

    7. Rose McClement on

      HI there Vicki – It just wouldn’t be cricket if I didn’t comment on your blog article. Yes – I have been keeping up with your Insta posts and loving it. I get so frustrated becos more often than not one can’t deliver a lil comment or words of support.
      It’s lovely to hear that you are in a better space. You really do live in the fast lane though. I’m pretty much like that as well. And then two and a half years ago- I had a heart attack, which seemed to take forever to recover from. I found myself in the slow lane- watching those fast -laners around me and wondering how I ever allowed myself to do that. But – that said – i’m back in the fast lane. With some differences – only sporadically. I wish you everything that could possibly come your way in terms of good health going forward. Thanks for the catch up post. Much love as always

    8. Rose McClement on

      by the way Vicki – cos Insta didn’t want to hear my comment or input about your outside window shutter colour – here goes -go with the dark grey.

    9. Lisa on

      Welcome back vicki … so pleased to read your health is improving in the mix and you taking care of you. Major respect for all that you do and manage… now can I borrow my painter back for a few days? Lol … lisa xx

    10. Khadija Fakir on

      Hey. Welcome back. I was wondering where you were hiding. So glad you are feeling better. Your kids are adorable.

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