• Hi lovelies! I spotted this post on a friend’s wall this weekend – it was in reference to our friend Leigh who passed away a few weeks ago. The post is about about the studio that belongs to large scale painter Claire Brasler. You see, Leigh was due to move to France with her new husband this year – they were going for a year and while her boys were at school, she had plans to set up a studio and paint and explore her creativity in a way she hadn’t been able to in a while. Leigh was a fabulous artist, a wonderful mother, partner, sister, daughter, teacher and friend, and imagining that she won’t be able to fulfil this special dream is heartbreaking.

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    We miss you darling Leigh and i feel blessed to have lived in a world you painted so beautifully with your endless curiosity for life.

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    1. Sheryl on

      I have known about Claire’s work for many years and have photographs of her work in my small home painting studio as inspiration.

      I am so sorry for the loss of your friend. It is really devastating when a young person full of potential dies before their time.

    2. Rose on

      Her work is gob-smackingly gorgeous. She does Floral art with such authenticity I’m sure it will be hard to find an equal in a hurry. I am so sad to hear about the loss of her friendship and company, that you enjoyed. But fortunately she has left so much of her behind for continued pleasure and joy. She looks like she was a wonderful, joyful soul. Sad loss to world in general I would say.

    3. om pom happy on

      Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Very sad….
      All best wishes, Cand Juskus

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