• School holidays are nearly upon us, people! And while my littley only goes to playgroup three mornings a week, i’m still a little daunted over how i plan to keep her little mind engaged and her hands occupied! I spotted this adorable little craft over on this site and i thought i’d share – given the proliferation of plant posts lately (and there are more to come!) i thought it particularly apt!

    Painted Rock Cactus Garden





    You’ll need: plant pots, sand, pebbles, green craft paint (two or three shades), red paint, white paint (or a Tippex pen)

    How to:

    • Paint your pebbles in green and one or two in red, allow to dry

    • Decorate with cactus markings and allow to dry

    • Fill pot with sand and ‘plant’ your cacti

    original post from here

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