• Hello lovelies! I promise i’m not going to bombard you with organising posts every day this week – but i did want to share this lovely office space with you. There are some great take outs if you’re on the hunt for office organising ideas and well, it’s such an easy on the space i think it’s worth having a little squizz..



    A vintage dish rack is such a cool way to store beautiful papers and notebooks


    I am on the lookout for a small filing cabinet at the moment – isn’t this one lovely?


    If paper is a part of your life – then a basket or canvas tub is a must for storing them


    You can’t go wrong with cube shelving


    I’ve been coveting this IKEA trolley for a few years now (you can buy ti locally here) – love and want!

    The original post is from The Glitter Guide – have a browse, they have great organising and decor features

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    1. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Just what I need for my untidy cluttered office

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