• After months and months, i have finally made it back into my little home office and i couldn’t be happier. I was so ill at the end of last year that the thought of missioning downstairs and sitting at a desk was too much to contemplate so i opted for my bed and my laptop. And then that became a bad habit all over again. So a couple of weeks ago, project reclaim Vicki’s office began. The Captain’s boat paraphernalia was shipped off, props from various shoots were sorted and packed away and a bunch of unneccesary stuff was chucked. And now i have my lovely office back and it’s great. I’m so much more productive sitting at a desk and in a dedicated work environment. As you all know, beautiful workspaces are my weakness and this one is no exception – with a space like this i would never be tempted to get as disorganised as i let my home office get!






    I love the easy-on-the-eye colour palette and the wonderful touches of wood

    I found the images on this lovely blog

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    1. Rose McClement on

      schucks – this is an awesome work space – love the contrasts of the deep,earthy clay textures and colours, against the pale and soft peach & green. Just enough of the clay to bring balance to the pastels. Yummy!!

    2. iwantthat on

      Isn’t it too lovely Rose? And amazing how that shade of green can actually be easy on the eye!

    3. Nadia on


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