• Hi everyone! Charley has been at the most incredible playschool for 8 months now and she absolutely loves it! Occasionally she comes home with artworks from school and also from her weekly Nanny and Me class and i couldn’t be happier! It feels like a rite of passage into motherhood and i’m proud to have crossed the bridge into this realm where i amhanded priceless artworks by my grubby painter and crafter. It’s got me thinking about how i will store and display Charley’s art in the years to come…so here are some ideas some of you might want to try!



    My editor and friend Sally from Good Housekeeping does this for her kids – she gives them each a memory box which they fill and edit at year’s end. Obviously editing is not a skill a two year old has but as her Mama, i can certainly edit some of the beautiful creations down to some favourites. If you plan to do the same, make sure you date them on the back/add a note explaining context or a quote from the creator describing what it’s all about. The sheep below is a case in point – i absolutely love it – especially because Charley came home and proudly announced she’d made a piggy (a sjeep-like piggy) – one day i’ll get it box framed.



    Years ago i posted a similar pic to this one – where you scan in your favourite artworks and make them into a poster, little did i know that one day i would have children of my own and a chance to make my own poster.  I absolutely love this idea – love it!








    I spotted these frames by local talent Danelle Janse van Rensburg over on Insta the other day (click here to see her feed) and loved them immediately – such a lovely way to frame special somethings your kids might make or find.



    The thing about framing is that it costs a fortune – but now UK based company Holo Frames are changing things with their ingenious flatpacked cardboard frames – they’re amazing!! Simply choose the colour and size you want, order online and await delivery of a bunch of frames you can use to create a gallery wall. Don’t want to risk paying potential customs duties? Click here to download templates to make your own – how cool?!!




    I know i keep harping on about Photo Blox and i promise i’m not affiliated to them – i just think they offer such versatile pic preserving options. Of course they’re all about photos but what about taking pix of your favouite artworks and making them into a Photoblox? OR how about taking pix of an element of one of their paintings or drawings (an interesting pattern or person) and havIng it printed on an interesting shape from the Phoroblox range?


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      This is amazing ideas!!

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