• As time goes by on the blog (it’s been five years now) i know i often repeat posts – most of the time i do this knowingly but occasionally it’s unintentional and i end up a little red faced. It’s because i get a certain feeling of comfort and familiarity in exploring notions i know and like. Like work spaces – i should have just started a blog on workspaces because i think i could blog about them all day. It reminds me of when i used to go and do the groceries with my Dad every week (new age man – he did all the grocery shopping and all the lifting and carrying when we were kids), i used to run off to the stationery aisle and hang there for a good half an hour just looking at what was new and enjoying the orderliness of it all. Now when i hit Pick n Pay, on at least every third visit, i do the same thing – not for half an hour but a quick squizz to scan the shelves and all feels right in the world. I’m sure a psychologist would have a field day with this info. Anyhoo – that’s kind of how Pinterest feels for me sometimes – i find myself collecting familiar images and enjoying that hit of familiarity when i find something that fits the bill – i guess that’s the whole point of Pinterest i’ve just never thought about it properly before. Now that i have – here are 10 things i love Pinning and looking at.


    ORGANISING – i can’t get enough of beautifully organised spaces and pix i can see myself walking straight into – this one is a perfect example


    COSY COMFORTABLE SPACES often in a muted palette – although we live with a lot of brights i’m often drawn to a muted palette. Throw in some texture like this pouffe and i’m done for.


    CUTE CUPBOARDS I’ve blogged about my compulsion for these before – this cabinet kills me – look at the marble top and the teeny tiny drawers!! The art on the wall is just as fabulous.


    FOOD IN BOWLS I’m a bowl gal. I like to eat anything and everything in a bowl. Even as a teenager, my Mom would set the table with a plate for everyone and a bowl for me – i could climb into this bowl right now!


    PRETTIED UP CORNERS I’ve shared this image recently on the blog and i’ve kept it on my desktop because i love it. I love pinning examples of clever tweaks to corners of the home – tweaks that don’t break the bank but make a fabulous difference.


    POPS OF GOLD Be it a gold foil detail on some stationery like this pic or a smear of gold glaze on a piece of ceramic, you’ve got to love the glam factor that gold brings to the party


    GALLERY WALLS & SCANDI STYLE Oh, the decor mavens of the world would have a field day at the passéness of it all but i don’t care – both these concepts (featured beautifully in this pic) still work for me 4327f4ea749e8d7fbcbdef22e08cf967

    ICED CAKES & SPRINKLES I love the idea of baking but i never do it- when i do get round to it, my cakes definitely don’t look like this. Which is why pinning perfectly iced, pretty cakes is a much easier and less stressful hobby. And there’s the fact that if i made a cake as pretty as this, i’d eat half of it before i took a pic as pretty as this one.


    GREEN IN THE HOME Oh boy, i can’t get enough of pinning pix of green in the home. I’m happy to say though that this has had a real effect on our own home and we now have loads of plants at home which are thriving (we won’t talk about the dead ones).


    CRAFT & WORKSPACES  I’m pretty sure we don’t need to talk about my obsession with crafty workspaces – i love them now, i loved them five years ago and i’ll probably still be pinning them in five years time.

    Shew, that felt like a therapy session!!

    What are your regular Pinterest themes?

  • 5 Comments to “10 Things I ♥ Pinning”

    1. Rose McClement on

      Very nice article with stunningly appealing #images Vicki. Actually having repeat posts in five years I guess is a given. Since many of us have not been journeying along with you all that time. Five years – medal for that one Vicki. Salute your dedication and your growth.

    2. Ute on

      Love this article – and oh, so true 🙂

    3. iwantthat on

      Thanks ladies! V x

    4. Suzanne on

      Love this, but where are the cute kittens?

    5. Jenny on

      Loved this post.
      And if you ever want to start a blog on workspaces I’d be your first follower- I am obsessed!

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