• I don’t know about you, but i’m really feeling the cold at the moment – maybe it’s because i’m no longer carrying around my own portable hot water bottle in the form of Charley Rose but sheesh, i’m freeezing people!! In the spirit of wanting things to be warmer, i’ve selected some images that inspire me to get cosy at home. There’s a big focus on oversized knits again this year and big blankets are everywhere (have you seen the Mr Price Home colab blankets? They’re amazing!) which is right where i am, come winter i can’t layer up our bed and couches enough! These oversized cableknit blankies and cushions are right up my wintry alley! Now to find the needles and the yarn to try this at home!

    Cosy1 Cosy2 Cosy3 Cosy4 Cosy5 Cosy6 Cosy7

    These last three images are from Australian oversized knits company Little Dandelion – aren’t the blankies beautiful?

    Pic credits: 1, 2, 3, 4,5 ,6 7, 8

  • 4 Comments to “The Cosy Home Post”

    1. Yvonne on

      Love the over sized knits – so cosy

    2. Li on

      I’m mad for all of these — totally stunning.

    3. Mich on

      Love, love, cosey love 🙂

    4. Colleen on

      It’s so warm in Durban that we can’t even think about winter but I know come later in the year we will be wanting these & they are all gone!

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