• Hi lovelies! I’ve wanted to do this little Golden Oreo hack for a little while and i keep buying the Oreos to do it and then we (ok, i) keep on eating them! Yesterday, i managed to preserve half a box of Oreos and give them some sprinkles treatment and i’m SO glad i did – i think they look amazing!! It really takes ten minutes to make these and that includes time in the fridge for the chocolate to set. So cute and so so Instagrammable!


    What you need: a saucepan, glass bowl for placing over simmering water, Oreos, chocolate, whisk and hundreds and thousands


    Break the chocolate into your mixing bowl


    Now melt and whisk over simmering water


    Scrape melted chocolate into cups – and dip

    FullSizeRender[1] Now dunk it


    Pop on a tray and into the fridge to set


    Ta daaaa!!

    In a nutshell…


    Have a happy day lovelies!

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      cool idea

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