• This post is for us desperate Capetonians and fellow pluviophiles who feel exhilaration at grey skies, heavy cloud cover and the sweet relief and absolute joy that a rain shower brings. It was spitting every so slightly this morning in the City Bowl and it’s beautifully cool today. There wasn’t much of a downpour, but it was enough to have made me feel elated when I was driving home after dropping the kids off at school. Like everyone in this horrible situation, I’ve had rain on my mind for the longest time. It’s one thing to be prepared with 5L bottles of water and rain tanks and tummy medicine and hand sanitiser to get through what feels like a coming apocalypse, as well as being conscious of how the crisis is affecting and will affect those less privileged than we are, but it’s fair to say that everyone is taking a real emotional kick in the gut. There’s always room for criticism when referencing something as serious as a water crisis on the pages of a lifestyle blog, but the intention here is to shift the focus for a moment and offer a bit of rain-related relief and small moments of beauty that are good for the soul.

    1. Fragrances that bring to mind petrichor, that incredible smell of the first rains after a parched period of no to very little rainfall… If you’re about to finish your favourite perfume and are in the market for a new one (and let’s face it, we’re going to have to mask the stink on some days), then definitely go for one with rainy, earthy notes like Jo Malone’s Wood Sage & Sea Salt or Jade Leaf Tea, or this amazing Rain fragrance by Terranova that I was given as a gift by a cousin who felt my rain-starved despair (you can track it down online). Crabtree & Evelyn also have candles and scents with rain tones.

    2. This website: rain.today. I’ve always thought playing white noise in the background was kind of weird but this elevates the notion to something magical. You can choose to keep it light and drizzly, full on thunderstorm mode, or the heavenly sound of post-rain bliss that’s all drippy leaves, chirping birds and damp earth. Seriously, you can almost smell it…

    3. Don’t be ashamed to look at porn… Rain porn, you guys. Sheesh! Pinterest and Instagram are full of evocative, moody imagery of cityscapes and rural landscapes seen through droplet-splattered lenses. Make yourself a mood board: it’s therapeutic. Or invest in some rain-focused art. I bought this wonderful painting for such a good price at a Kirstenbosch exhibition by artist Annamarike Teijema two weeks ago because I was so drawn to its depiction of a storm at sea – something I’m obsessed with at the best of times.

    4. Be moody. Paint a feature wall a shade of deep grey, moody blue or green. Calming, tranquil and inviting, these shades make for an easy-to-live-with style update. Or think about a giant photo-real wallpaper mural depicting a misty forest scene and transport yourself (at least temporarily) to a place where you can feel the damp on your skin. Rebel Walls (to order through St Leger & Viney ) have a marvellous selection.

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      Love it – thank you x

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      Glorious, thank you.

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