• Hello lovelies! How are you all doing? I’m doing well! I’m still on mountains of daily medicines BUT the pneumonia i’ve been diagnosed with looks like its being beaten into submission (doc says another 4 weeks and it will be gone) and i’m totally clawing my way back into the world. I know i’m feeling better because i’ve started making plans and writing lists and scheming and dreaming and that feels really good! I’m back at work at Good Housekeeping and I have quite a lot of I Want That stuff up my sleeve too. While i was sick and lying around feeling sorry for myself, the seeds of a new business sowed themselves –  and although it’s going to take a few months, i’m excited as all hell – it will have a web face but a practical arm too. I’m still mind mapping how i want it to work and how to make it financially viable and hopefully i’ll be ready to launch it in the first few months of next year.

    But back to my lists – one of the major things i have on my to do list is to sort out the indoor plant situation in our home. I’ve got a bunch of beautiful pots and planters from Stodels and loads of them are empty – i also ordered rope hanging planter holders from Mono which i haven’t used yet and which i’m dying to hang in the family bathroom and on our covered stoep. I meant to hit Stodels this past weekend but i’m going to try get there this week and stock up on some waterwise choices…on my shopping list? DEFINITELY some String of Pearls or String of Beads as they’re also known plants. It’s native to South West Africa, likes shade and acts like a vine…it looks amazing in a hanging planter as it drapes once it has grown a little. Keep it out of reach of children and pets though as it can be mildly toxic to them. Speaking of pets…Mr Cat is turning into a total catnip junkie – we regularly find him blissed out next to the catnip we planted in our kitchen garden – it’s hilarious seeing your cat slightly stoned!

    But back to the String of Pearls – the it plant of the moment…








    Processed with VSCO with a6 preset




    Don’t have space for the real thing? A print of a plant could do nicely…find prints like this here

    Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 10.15.55 PM




    Oh, if you’re on the look out for beaut plant pots – head for the Stodels website – they now sell online and deliver to your door if you’re CT based!

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    1. Robyn on

      Oh my word, stodels has this plant, I discovered it a few weeks ago. I bought one and then went back for three more. Have become slightly obsessed and am now gifting my friends with them too. How cute is that name and just so perfect for it and one I can actually remember because it makes sense:) we’ve missed you Vicki!

    2. Charlotte on

      I found some good fake ones at Mr Price home a little while ago and grabbed them!

    3. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Love it- intend buying one soonest

    4. Rose McClement on

      Hi there – I’ve learnt something again. What a lovely post.
      I’m real glad to hear that you are physically on the mend. Take care – don’t rush back into full swing life too quickly. Make the most of your ‘recovery’ period cos you can hide loads of rest & me time under that cover.

    5. Cathi on

      You vickerella are superwoman… like seriaaaaaasly!! So glad you are on the mend.. I’m a goddamn awful
      Friend not checking or swinging by u BUT you are always in my thoughts aka super frigging woman.. you are..!!! Loved this post ( those plants !! )
      Happy days

    6. Cathi on

      Oh guava me was meant to say sooooooo excited re your new venture… hurry up and share with us ! Whatever it is will be fantabulously stylish chic and cool !!
      Roll on new year!!

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