• Hello lovelies. Before you head into the weekend, especially those of you about to tackle a kitchen renovation or are looking to give your space a new look, let’s chat open kitchen shelves. In the two homes I’ve lived in with my husband we’ve always opted for open kitchen shelves. At the moment I have a combination of pigeonhole/cube shelving and wall-mounted shelves as well as a butcher’s block. The rest is made up by two below-counter cupboards (small) and a unit with three drawers, and then two smallish rectangular wall-mounted units with frosted glass fronts. I’d say a good three-quarters of my kitchen is all open shelving. What can i say, I love having stuff on display not to mention the practicalities of having everything in your line of sight. Mixed in with the things we use every day – bowls, plates, mugs, glasses as well as dry foodstuffs and canned food – are decorative items, a couple of plants, cookbooks and lesser used items such as my vases, a collection of jugs and tea pots, my beloved collection of ornate tea flasks and other bric-a-brac. Oh, also some of the kids’ stuff on the lower shelves: books, toys, my daughter’s art stuff… As far as injecting a space with personality and character, open kitchen shelves are a winner. One downside that I often mention to people though is the dust. Items that don’t get used regularly can get layered in a fairly thick and sticky mess over time, but every couple of months I try to haul down the lesser used platters and bowls and plates and cups and give them a clean. Even if it’s not something you planned for or is a part of your kitchen now, one or two wall mounted floating shelves can bring such character to your kitchen. And there are some really nice and affordable shelves around at places like Mr Price Home and even Macro or the big hardware stores that are relatively easy to install. My shelves are filled with pretty colourful things compared to the more sophisticated and colour-ordinated examples below. If it’s a more chic look you want then work on a ratio of 70 to 80 percent neutrals (white/off white/grey) crockery, then make up the rest with metals like copper and tarnished brass and silver, a few natural (wood) items, clear glass and then pops of colour from bright to pastel. I love me some vintage, faux vintage, art prints or postcards, cute packaging, plants and decorative items that make for an eclectic, personalised bohemian look. What I’m missing, as some of these pictures have illustrated to me, is some lovely ambient as well as task lighting: a low hanging chandelier, pendant lights or one of my favourite looks, plain bulbs (designer ones) with industrial cord cabling. You like this look?

    picmonkey-collage-160 picmonkey-collage-161 picmonkey-collage-162 picmonkey-collage-163 picmonkey-collage-164 picmonkey-collage-165 picmonkey-collage-166 picmonkey-collage-167 picmonkey-collage-169 picmonkey-collage-170 picmonkey-collage-171 picmonkey-collage-172
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    1. Colleen on

      Love open shelves & they add so much character.

    2. lameez on

      So awesome , u just gave me more ideas .Thank u and Happy Friday!

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