• Hi lovelies! I hope you’re well! We are getting closer and closer to moving into our new home! Our floors are in, our kitchen carcasses are in, we’re ordering the tops today and i need to sort out our bedroom cupboards this week…because we have none! The interior has been painted and our bathrooms are tiled. Gulp! This reno has moved at the speed of light! As we begin the process of packing up our current home and planning where things will go in our new home, so my determination to keep things as uncluttered as possible is getting stronger. I know some of it is wishful thinking but in a quest to have our lives feel more ordered i just know that having a space that feels organised is going to be essential! With that mission in mind, i thought i’d share some of the organised home images that have been inspiring me these past while…


    We haven’t ever had an entrance hall space before so i’m busy looking for one or two items i can use there. I want the space to be practical but not a dumping ground for all of our stuff. I think a potted plant is a must and i like the idea of a bench for popping your shoes on and off.


    I think i may be leaning towards white couches in our living room – i need to make that decision this week so i can get slip covers made for our existing couch – i’ve also seen a couple on Coricraft that fit the bill, now just to commit!


    Everything about this cupboard screams I Want That to me. I love how the shirts are seperated from dresses and pants and the shop-like drawers, oh my word, i love!! My wardrobe is way smaller than that but the organising principle remain the same.


    We’re packing up ornaments and things today and i’m going to be having a serious rethink about what we’re keeping and what will be stored away for a while.


    The Captain and i are ging to be sharing the office pod. Things could get tricky – he is Mr Tidy Pants – me, not so much.


    I know i’ve shared this image before – serious wardrobe goals happening right here.


    I see Simply Home has really cool and affordable ladders in stock – they are such an amazing storage solution!


    OK, now, some advice please – for the reformed clutter bugs out there – how do you keep the chaos and clitter at bay? What’s your secret?


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    1. Donyale on

      LOVE LOVE LOVE that walk-in closet! I live in a tiny space that has to be very well organised. When I moved in, I was a total clutter bug and every nook and cranny and cupboard was bursting with stuff. Today, the only really packed space in my home is a gallery wall and my bookshelf. I have summer and winter capsule wardrobes and there is nothing in any of my cupboards that I don’t need or love – from clothes to kitchen gadgets to camping gear to linen. Every December, I go through my home and anything that is not precious or in regular use gets donated to St Luke’s Hospice. I’m a book and magazine hoarder so I got myself a library card to reduce the number of books I buy and regularly donate magazines and books to the same library. My annual summer clean out means I start the new year clutter-free (which feels really good) and, in the silly season when we want to do something for others, I get to make a donation to an awesome organisation. I’ve been doing this for five years now and the hardest thing to deal with is actually unwanted gifts – sometimes people buy you stuff they associate with your interests, but which you know you’re not going to use. I used to feel terrible donating something that was given to me, but now I see it as giving that item a life beyond my cupboards.

    2. Lois Wessels on

      Wish I could de-clutter relentlessly!

    3. iwantthat on

      Thanks for the great advice and motivation Donyale!! V x

    4. Nicol Hammond on

      I personally love your shelving with the plant and elephant looks so perfectly colored and blended in. #loveit

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