• Good morning lovelies! Did you have a good weekend? I hope so! I’m starting to feel inspired and energised for summer and with that feeling usually comes ideas for things i want to do at home. I recently ordered some new fabric to have some floor mattresses made, i have a teeny tiny kitchen reno planned (OK, it’s not a reno – i’m turning our broom cupboard into a pantry cupboard!) and i have some bits and bobs for Charley’s room that i’ve been threatening to sort for monhts. I’ve also mentioned i’d like to change up our bedroom although The Captain isn’t keen – i’m hoping that when i show him this colour trend he’ll be swayed. I really think sage green works as a beautiful neutral – it’s a strong colour but it’s easygoing too – and other colours look so beautiful against it.


    Here, it’s closer to grey


    Doesn’t white look amazing with this shade? And wood too…


    There’s a blue hue to this sgae green and it’s SO restful don’t you think?


    I love, love, love how it looks here


    A darker shade that’s so beautiful.

    I’d love to know your thoughts – would you go for this colour in your own home?

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    1. Robyn on

      Morning!thank you for these pics. I don’t think I would do it , I remember a few years back trimmings were done on houses in this colour and the current house I live in had kitchen cupboards painted in this color and I got very bored. Depending on where you put it you may need to change accessories? So I suppose it depends where?
      What happened to the kitchen tile splashbacks? You may as well do that while your doing the cupboard and surprise the captain!! 🙂 have a great Monday!!!

    2. Cathi on

      My absolute favourite shade.. Sage green.. Love this and am feeling Monday summer inspired too!! Thank you for the post!!

    3. Suz on

      Love it.

    4. Arno on

      I painted the whole bedroom in this colour. Then about 10cm from the cornice I painted a 2cm line in a darker sage, I repeated the 2cm on the ceiling 10cm from the cornice and painted the rest of the ceiling in a very pale sage. The areas between the dark lines (ie cornice area) was painted in a crisp white…..it look AWESOME, even if I have to say s myself

    5. Li on


    6. iwantthat on

      Arno PLEASE post a pic on the FB page – would love to see! V x

    7. Lauren on

      Love it! My apartment is painted in this colour (Earthcote – Highveld Storm) and I find it such a tranquil, beautiful shade.

    8. lameez on

      Good morning , love Monday interior Inspiration 😀

    9. Lois Carol Wessels on

      Stunning colour – love it

    10. RedCat on

      We’ve painted alot of the inside of our home in Plascon’s Ageless which is a beautiful gey-ish green colour depending on the light. In our loo, it looks like similar to the bottom pic and we absolutely love it

    11. Lalannie on

      Love this shade – fresher than grey!

    12. Farren on

      How beautifully does it compliment the indoor plants?! So calming, love a ‘cool’ shade.

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