• When we moved into our home, we didn’t have a kitchen yet as we had run out of budget. We made do for around 6 weeks and then set to work on designing the space on the smell of an oil rag – we opted for open shelves instead of closed cupboards (no cupboard carcasses to pay for) and repurposed what had been an old oregon pine TV cabinet into our grocery cupboard. Our most expensive outlay was the kitchen surfaces, they cost a fortune but i’m so happy to say that after getting 12 quotes i finally found someone who was a third of a price of the other quotes and five years down the line, we’re very happy with our white composite stone surfaces. What i really wanted (and The Captain just laughed at me) was Carrara Marble. I love the grey veins this magnificent Italian marble has and i especially love it when the the shininess has been beautifully worn away on work surfaces. I did phone a few places to get quotes and firstly they were eye watering and secondly, i was told it’s not great for kitchens – i’ve since seen loads of kitchens with Carrara Marble and they all look fabulous. And now you even get Carrara look Caesarstone – how genius is that?!

    As a compromise, The Captain hauled out a piece of marble he’d had for years and it now has pride of place on our kitchen countertop as a chopping and serving spot.


    As for the marble dreams? One day my lovelies, one day…

    in the meantime here are some amazing ways marble can make a difference in one’s home


    A simple sideboard goes from great to glam with a marble top 01d9767b7827848621836102484bd314

    How fabulous is this side table? 5c4d5259cf4c3f076a3fd3f514c2dc77

    And this one?


    Marble loves contemporary lines


    Any food stylist will tell you, a piece of marble is a must for their prop cupboard


    More marble loveliness chic-scandinavian-interior_bedroom

    So chic! STIL_INSPIRATION_weekend_love_spingtime_feeling_1

    Beautiful, yes?

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      Wow stunning and I love ur post, thank u for sharing all ur advice ,tips and ideas 🙂

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