• Of all the homes I’ve been in for work as well as visits it’s the ones that have a quirky edge that I love the best. You can tell a quirky homeowner instantly. They may appreciate sophisticated design and interiors that are magazine-spread worthy, but it’s not for them. Instead, you’ll find granny’s embroidered tablecloth on the bed as a throw, a kitchen shelf full of colourful, eclectic homewares chosen as much for their sense of fun and personality as their functionality, there are flowers in jugs and pencil crayons in preserving jars and always pops of colour that are bright and uplifting. These are homes that, to me, feel happy and real and lived-in and, if you’re looking for interior inspiration and are that way inclined, brimming with looks to recreate and adapt. Not to mention ideas that are budget-friendly and creative, usually incorporating plenty of up cycled and second-hand treasures which, from an eco-perspective, is so much better for the planet. I know it’s not a look for everyone and for this post I’ve chosen images that are the extreme Granny Chic spectrum of the interiors equation (very much my personal taste). What about you? Do you love extreme quirk in a home or do these images make you want to head for the hills to find the nearest minimalist space and have a cup of green tea with Marie Kondo? If you’re inclined to like the look, here are a couple of aesthetic commonalities that all quirky homes share…

    1. An eclectic selection of crockery and kitchenalia on display, usually loosely colour-coordinated and delightful to look at.
    PicMonkey Collage-331

    2. Plants and flowers potted and displayed en masse in unusual ways, be it in tea pots and cups or jugs or preserving jars or soft drink bottles.
    PicMonkey Collage-332

    3. The creative use of washi tape to tack up prints and posters and postcards and photographs.

    PicMonkey Collage-337
    4. Lots of Granny Chic embroidered and heavily patterned throws as well as vintage embroidered tablecloths used on beds or as curtains.
    PicMonkey Collage-336
    5. The creative use of second-hand furniture, like this kitchen where instead of traditional cabinetry the owners have used a collection of colourful vintage drawers and display cabinets as undercounter storage space. LOVE!
    PicMonkey Collage-335
    6. Lots of houseplants, usually tumbling down from shelves and fridge-tops and chests and shelf units.

    PicMonkey Collage-334

    7. Unexpected visual surprises, such as colourful boho rugs in the kitchen.
    PicMonkey Collage-333
    8. An eclectic family of wooden chairs, typically junk shop or second-hand finds and almost always personalised with a quirky paint-job.

    PicMonkey Collage-340
    9. Creative displays that are both functional and aesthetic. Many quirky homes are also on the small side, encouraging the clever use of space to maximise every last unused inch.
    PicMonkey Collage-339
    10. Picture galleries of fine art, pop prints, postcards and elements such as plates and textiles. Also almost always set against a cool painted feature wall backdrop.

    PicMonkey Collage-341
    11. The bold and unexpected use of colour to highlight instead of hide the home’s features.

    PicMonkey Collage-342
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    1. RedCat on

      Quirky and colourful homes just do it for me!

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    3. Donyale on

      Quirky #FTW 🙂

    4. Anthea on

      Yes to all of these. Just love quirky spaces – they make me smile.

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