• With a gazumping number of global followers as well as recipes and photographs that is the stuff of Instagram dreams, Melbourne foodie blogger Ashley Alexander of Gather & Feast is basically #Instagramgoals. Self-taught in both cooking and photography/styling, the richness and almost painterly lushness of Ashley’s lovely Instagram account (there’s also a blog with recipes and a downloadable free recipe eBook) gets a big bazinga on the scroll-worthy-o-meter. The focus is very much on healthy, nutritionally balanced and seasonal food catering to those who like their recipes raw, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo or gluten-free (though the occasional chicken dish does make an appearance). And while there is lots of drapey linen and enough foliage to fill The Secret Garden and my inner snarky eye-roller would love to see a triple-decker burger or greasy but delicious lasagna featured in between all the appealingly healthy food, there really is nothing not to love about this fab account.

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    All images from Gather & Feast / Gather & Feast blog

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